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Our bodies are more than parts and pieces moving in isolation. The key to optimal physical function is teaching the muscles, nervous system and connective tissue to work together to enhance real-life movement. Through the use of state-of-the art evaluation systems, leading-edge Technogym Kinesis technology and innovative group/1:1 personal training experience, we will help you function for the life you want to live. Our Fitness Services include:

Assessment – Functional Fitness

60 Minutes / $145

Get a truly integrated fitness program with this functional fitness test that evaluates your body composition, flexibility, agility/dynamic balance, coordination, strength, and endurance. Results are used to help create a customized plan that addresses imbalances and boosts physical performance.

Body Composition Analysis

25 Minutes / $45

Focus on being lean, rather than light.  The ratio of fat to lean tissue in your body is a critical factor in maintaining your health, increasing vitality, and improving sports performance.  Get an accurate reading of your body composition with this simple, non-invasive assessment.  You’ll receive expert guidance in interpreting your results and setting healthy goals.

Cardiometabolic Test

90 Minutes / $165

Whether you are a top-level athlete, weekend warrior or couch potato, this two-part service helps you get the big picture of your current cardiac and lung function, exercise efficiency and cardiovascular performance. In part one, you undergo a fitness test using state of the art equipment that measures your resting metabolic rate. In part two, we will measure your oxygen consumption during exercise in order to create a truly customized fitness program to achieve your goals.

Personal Exercise Program

30 Minutes / $84


Our premier trainers can develop a personalized exercise program to help you reach your fitness goals based on your functional fitness assessment and /or cardiometabolic test. Update your workout regimen regularly with tailored plans to meet your needs.

Personal Training, Movement Flow & Pilates


60 Minutes / $84


60 Minutes / $60/person

SMALL GROUP (3-6 Persons)

60 minutes / $46/person

Get and stay motivated with your own Personal Trainer. Studies show that people are more likely to stay on the path to fitness and achieve goals when they work with a trainer regularly.  Your trainer will help you put your personalized program into action and keep you safe by monitoring your technique and form.

Assisted Stretch

Private 1:1 / 30 minutes / $50

Stretching helps release stress, and improves circulation and range of motion.  During this assisted movement session you will remain clothed, while the body is compressed, pulled, stretched, and rocked.

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