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We go beyond prescribing the latest pill to solve your problems and help you develop an integrated program that engages your body, mind and spirit in the journey to a healthy life. Our Mental Health Services include:


Improve your mental health with more than medication. Your psychiatrist will perform a full range of medical and psychological tests to gain a complete picture of your physical and mental state and to develop an effective, integrated treatment plan just for you.


Gain understanding of your body/mind connection and learn how to take control of your life. Using a combination of approaches including Cognitive-Based Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Supportive Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Addiction Therapy, and Couples/Marriage Therapy, with other medical and wellness programs, the PALM Mental Health team can help you break through the barriers to your well-being.

Your consult may focus on:

  • Well-Being Optimization
  • Stress Reduction and Life Satisfaction
  • Chronic Illness Management and Treatment Programs

 Explore our Coaching and Counseling Services to discover more ways to cultivate mental health.

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