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Experience a customized skin care experience designed especially for you! No two skin care sessions here are ever exactly the same, each designed with care by your therapist for your unique skin care concerns and preferences. From anti-aging, calming & clearing, to healing & restoration, our therapists are highly trained to treat teens to adults with a range of skin care needs. Our Skin Care Treatments include:

Skin Care

PALM Signature Custom Facial

60 Minutes / $125

*gratuities are not accepted

Tailor-made for men or women with formulas that penetrate, oxygenate, and detoxify, this treatment goes beyond the typical European facial. After a customized cleansing and exfoliating process, the Pure Pore Heating Mask is double-brush massaged over the face and neck to absorb pollutants and impurities from below the skin’s surface. A specialty massage invigorates the skin and re-volumizes tissue. Specialty serums, masks, and techniques are selected for your specific skin care needs.

Custom Organic Eminence Facial

60 Minutes / $115

*gratuities are not accepted

This exclusive results-oriented facial treatment is customized for you:

• Calming – Soothe irritation and hydrate sensitive, rosacea prone skin with calming chamomile, arnica, and rosemary combined with Shea butter and calendula oil. Signs of redness, inflammation, irritation, and rosacea are instantly relieved.

• Clearing – Organic actives sourced from cucumber, willow bark, tea tree, and greens target acne and reduce inflammation, while healing probiotics exfoliate and soothe the complexion.

• Age Corrective – Natural Retinol Alternative, Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells, and Anti-Aging Stem Cell Complex combine forces to transform the skin with increased collagen production and cell regeneration, while smoothing wrinkles from the inside out.

• Restorative – Eight greens & stone crop, used for centuries as a first-aid plant, heals irritation and gently clarifies the skin. Stone Crop is an exotic succulent that dramatically rejuvenates all skin types. This is the ultimate healing, hydrating, and restorative facial treatment!


XMF Youth Revealing Facial

90 Minutes / $170

*gratuities are not accepted

This facial treatment utilizes rejuvenating biotechnology ingredients and osteopathic massage techniques to instantly smooth wrinkles, firm the skin, and re-volumize the tissue for lasting youth.

Vitamin C Brightening Facial

60 Minutes / $145

*gratuities are not accepted

Eliminate dark spots caused by sun damage, aging, hormonal fluctuations and restore your bright, even skin tone. An intensive double exfoliation removes overly pigmented cells to instantly enhance radiance. A regenerating massage cream and potent vitamin C serum and mask deliver pigment regulating ingredients for a glowing, even complexion. For the fastest results, corresponding home care and regular facial treatments are recommended.

Modern Express Facial

45 Minutes / $84

*gratuities are not accepted

An instant infusion of vitamins and minerals to purify, hydrate, regenerate, and boost radiance.

Teen Clear Skin Facial

45 Minutes / $84

*gratuities are not accepted

*ages 12-18 with legal guardian consent

Detoxify and clear problem skin without irritation or clogged pores. Organic actives sourced from cucumber, willow bark, and tea tree help to prevent acne and reduce inflammation, while healing probiotics exfoliate and soothe the complexion. Heal irritation and calm inflammation to reveal your clear, glowing complexion!

3D Facial

90 Minutes / $185

See instant relaxing, smoothing, filling, and tightening of the skin with this three-dimensional facial treatment. Using the finest ingredients, Vie guarantees anti-aging and anti-wrinkle results after only one treatment.

Add-On Treatments

Eminence Organic Arctic Berry Peel Upgrade

No Additional Time Required / $25

This peel combines active organics to reduce the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation.

Back Detox Muscle Melter

No Additional Time Required / $40

At the beginning of your facial, recline onto a compress of bubbling, self-heating mud, which draws out toxins while relaxing tight muscles around the spine.

Décolleté Enhancement

No Additional Time Required / $40

This mild peel smooths out skin texture, followed by serums to fill wrinkles and target hyper-pigmentation. A final plasticizing mask seals in hydration and lifts the delicate décolleté area.

Eye Radiance Smoothing Treatment

15 Minutes / $30

This massage smooths, drains, and lifts the eye area in preparation for a mask to create an ageless appearance.

Hands or Feet Detox & Nourish Therapy

15 Minutes / $40

During your facial treatment, your hands and/or feet are bundled in a bubbling, self-heating mud compress to target tension and detoxification in these hard-working areas. A massage with a nourishing hand and foot cream leaves newly refreshed tissue nourished and conditioned.

Lip Plump & Quench Treatment

No Additional Time Required / $10

This scrub, specifically formulated for the lips, polishes the skin to smoothness, followed by a creamy, nourishing mask that plumps the lips and fills wrinkles.

Phytomer Exfoliation & Peel Upgrade

No Additional Time Required / $30

This blend of fruit acids intensively exfoliates the skin to refine skin texture, brighten the complexion, and boost rejuvenation of the skin.

Scalp Treatment & Massage

15 Minutes / $35

This customized treatment applies warm essential oils to stimulate circulation and promote deep relaxation. Designed to relieve tension headaches and mental fatigue, this ritual also improves clarity of thought and concentration as it releases tense muscles.

         Castor Oil Pack

                        15 Minutes / $84

Improve natural liver detoxification & lymphatic circulation, support uterine and ovarian health, reduce inflammation, and strengthen immunity. Castor Oil packs are also used for cleansing and regulating the internal organs (liver, lung, colon), and for supporting healing of trauma, sprains, degenerative joint diseases, and skin disorders. With your Castor Oil pack application, you will receive instructions for the use and care of the pack at home.

       Eyebrow Cleanup

                        15 Minutes / $15

This eyebrow cleanup treatment will complement any facial, leaving you with well-shaped, groomed eyebrows.

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