Keep your nutrition on track with the Healthy Holidays package.

In this Healthy Holidays package, you'll receive:

  • Two 60-minute nutritional counseling sessions with our registered dietitian, Christaney Townsend, to assess your current nutrition habits and make a plan for the holiday season. 
  • Six 15-minute nutritional check-ins with Christaney to stay accountable and discuss your progress, challenges, and other updates.
  • Consistent support, accountability, and a plan to stick to over the course of several weeks.  


Meet Our Registered Dietitian

Christaney Townsend, MS, RD, LD

Christaney is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping individuals achieve vitality and optimal health through nutrition and holistic healthcare. 

“Christaney is so knowledgeable about nutrition. She truly cares about me as a person and wants to help me stay healthy. In the past, I've struggled to stay accountable to a food plan, but Christaney makes it easy for me to stick with my plan without feeling deprived. I finally feel like I'm on the right path to sustainable healthy eating.” – PALM Member

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