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Experience rejuvenation with our body treatments. Our incredible skin care services and body treatments will allow you to reduce stress, relieve your muscles, and feel refreshed. Combining ancient and contemporary techniques with expert knowledge and world-class products, our therapists offer treatments specially designed to meet your needs.

Body Care Rituals

PALM Signature Aromatherapy Ritual

120 Minutes / $280

(includes exfoliation, body wrap with scalp and facial massage, and 60-minute massage)

Begin your treatment by experiencing PALM’s signature aromatherapy blend. First your Bee Balm and Olive Oil scrub cleanses and exfoliates dead cells. Next, a body mask is applied and you are wrapped in a warm cocoon while you are treated to a pressure point facial massage and de-stress scalp treatment. This ritual concludes with a 60-minute full body massage with our body butter to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin.

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Calm Immersion Ritual

90 Minutes / $280

(includes exfoliation, private hydrotherapy shower, and full body 60-minute Thai-inspired massage with stretching and lavender boluses)

The Calm Immersion Body Treatment is inspired by Thai massage techniques which are aimed at relieving physical tension, freeing up emotions, and restoring balance to the body. This treatment begins with an exfoliation using radiance-boosting sea salt crystals to restore the skin’s natural luminosity and softness. After an invigorating rinse in our private hydrotherapy shower a replenishing body cream is applied and the body is massaged using a combination of light strokes, pressure, stretching, and heated boluses made up of sea salt crystals and lavender flowers. The soothing lavender aroma diffuses the room and relaxes the mind and body.

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Detoxifying Body Ritual

120 Minutes / $300

(includes exfoliation, private steam shower, body mud wrap with scalp and facial massage, private hydrotherapy shower, and 60-minute massage)

Brown seaweeds are renowned for their powerful detoxifying effects on the system. Our imported seaweed body mask is extremely effective at jump-starting the body’s elimination systems to help release trapped metabolic waste, lactic acids, and by-products of impurities that can build up due to imbalanced lifestyle choices. After the body has been exfoliated, you will open your pores with a private steam room session. Then you will be cocooned in a seaweed and clay mask, infused with a deep cleansing serum. The mask is rinsed away in our private hydrotherapy shower and an ultra-moisturizing cream is applied. The ritual concludes with a full body massage using techniques to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage to further assist the body with purging toxins and fluid retention.

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Remineralizing Body Ritual

120 Minutes / $300

(includes exfoliation, private steam shower, body wrap with scalp and facial massage, private hydrotherapy shower, and full body 60-minute massage)

Stress, busy lifestyles, insomnia, and emotional imbalance cause mineral depletion in the body. In this treatment, a perfectly balanced mineral gel infused with lavender, ylang ylang, sandalwood, sage, and basil is applied to the body in a warm cocoon wrap to restore mineral levels and energize all cell functions. Emerge from the wrap to enjoy a relaxing body cream blend that restores the skin and balances the mood. The ritual concludes with an osteopathic energizing massage with mineral-infused massage oil to further balance the body and release deep tension.

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Reclaim Your Body Ritual

120 Minutes / $280

(includes exfoliation, body wrap with scalp and facial massage, and full body 60-minute massage)

Specially designed to tighten and tone! This body care ritual begins with a black sand and pumice scrub to prepare the skin. Then, relax as your body is enveloped in a silky gel concentrated with skin-regenerating marine nutrients, which help the skin recover from stretch marks and help firm the skin. The gel is then massaged into the skin to invigorate and deeply moisturize the entire body. For optimal protective and regenerating results, this ritual is recommended in a series of 1 per week for 4 to 6 weeks.

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Signature Body Polish

30 Minutes / $89

(best for skin hydration)

This unique service transforms the skin by exfoliating away dry, dead skin cells from the surface of the skin with a Bee Balm and Olive scrub, followed by a deeply hydrating body butter with shea butter and goat milk. See and feel an immediate change in your skin with this results-oriented body treatment.

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Black Sand & Pumice Radiance Scrub

30 Minutes / $65

(best for exfoliation – may cause peeling)

This multi-exfoliation polishes the skin to a satin finish using black sand and pumice grains. A combination of mild glycolic acid and papaya digestive enzymes boost the exfoliating effects for a complexion that glows.

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Toning Salt Glow

30 Minutes / $65

(best for radiance)

Mineral salts and nourishing oils combine to eliminate all traces of rough, dry skin. After a restorative rinse in the steam shower, a mineral and pro-biotic body cream is applied to deeply moisturize and strengthen the skin.

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