Cancer Support

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Cancer Support

Cancer occurs when key systems in the body are out of balance. This can be due to poor nutrition, impaired detoxification, environmental exposure, inflammation, free radical stress, and/or genetic predisposition. According to the American Cancer Society’s annual report, approximately 1,600 Americans died from cancer each day in 2013. Overall, cancer accounts for nearly 1 in 4 deaths in the US.

Prevention can be accomplished through maintaining proper nutrition, removing toxins, keeping inflammation in check, balancing hormones, managing sun and UV light exposure, reducing or eliminating tobacco and alcohol use, exercising, maintaining a healthy BMI, learning to simplify your life, managing stress, and developing a network of people that you can rely on for friendship and support.

At PALM Health, we support patients who have been diagnosed with cancer by helping them identify key modifiable risk factors and holistically change their lifestyle. We focus on a plant-based, whole food diet with minimal sugar, oil, or salt. Certain supplements may be recommended to minimize healthy cell damage during chemotherapy. We do not offer chemotherapy or radiation at the facility, we do offer vitamin C infusion administration in our IV unit as well as chelation therapy to assist the body in the fight against cancer and the removal of toxic heavy metals; some studies have shown that cancer cells take up vitamin C at very high levels, leading to the oxidative damage of tumor cells. This can be a powerful support treatment to chemotherapy or radiation. Guided imagery, visualization, and meditation are additional tools we teach to help patients heal from cancer. PALM Health does not currently employ an oncologist. However, patients are encouraged to establish a relationship with an oncologist to maintain a variety of treatment options and to assist in tracking cancer progression and prognosis.

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