Experience Energy

Experience the benefits of cryotherapy at PALM. Our cryotherapy sessions help to decrease inflammation, increase cell rejuvenation, and improve energy.


15 Minutes / $48

8-Pack (15 Minutes)  / $255

16-Pack (15 Minutes) / $424

Monthly Unlimited for 1 Year / $300/month

1 Month Unlimited / $325

Reduce pain and boost your mood in our Cryosauna. This rejuvenating cold therapy safely provides ultimate anti-inflammatory properties for the skin, joints, and body; releases endorphins; and increases metabolism. Elite athletes and pro-sports teams regularly use cryotherapy for injury recovery and joint pain.

 All Membership Levels

 Requires you to be completely dry. Schedule this treatment first before a Sauna or Steam Room session, or before you get sweaty in a workout.

 Best before a massage, low level laser therapy, chiropractic care, or training if you are working through an injury.

 Contraindications: recent heart attack, open wounds, severe Raynaud’s, intolerance to cold, under 14 years of age. (Contact us for a complete list of contraindications.)

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