Our webinars are streamed live through Zoom.

About 5-10 minutes before the webinar starts, visit our Events page and click on the webinar event to see more details. There will be a clickable link and a Meeting ID you can use to access the webinar.

If Zoom is already installed on your computer, the webinar will open. If you do not have Zoom installed on your computer, the Zoom application will download and open after it has finished installing.

You will then be connected to the live webinar, which is free to attend.

If the link does not work for you, visit https://zoom.us/join and type in the Meeting ID.

Please contact reception if you have issues watching the webinar at 314-801-8898 option 1 then 1.

WEBINAR 6  |  JULY 16, 2020

The Impact of Adrenal Fatigue

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WEBINAR 5  |  JUNE 19, 2020

Detoxification and Elimination After Home Quarantine

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WEBINAR 4  |  MAY 28, 2020

The Link Between Digestion and Immune Health

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WEBINAR 3  |  MAY 6, 2020

Eating Well During COVID-19

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WEBINAR 2  |  APRIL 21, 2020

What Should I Expect If I am Diagnosed with COVID-19?

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WEBINAR 1  |  APRIL 10, 2020

Staying Healthy in the Face of COVID-19

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“There are no words to convey the love and appreciation I have for this healing place. We drive four hours to be seen by the doctors and it is totally worth it! My daughter has a chronic health condition that has not been triggered since we started our PALM protocol. Life-changing for her!”


“The staff and facilities are simply fantastic, the spa is truly amazing, and the place has such a welcoming atmosphere. I never feel out of place here, even though their gym and workout studios are beautiful spaces with top-of-the-line equipment. There’s something here for everyone, including your primary care physician if you want!”


“Finally, an approach to wellness that embraces and cares for the whole person, in a beautiful environment with a dedicated and compassionate staff. Thank you, PALM!”

SUSAN L., MAY 2018

“Every time I visit PALM — for a workout, a class, or just lunch with my friends — I leave feeling so happy! It is so refreshing! Thanks to the encouraging staff and a relaxed atmosphere, I am feeling half my age!”


“There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing PALM is! I wish I could take this place back to California with me! I’m simply blown away by how everyone works together to make every experience excellent from the moment you walk in the door.”

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