Cancer Support Group Visits

90–120 Minutes

  • Varsha Rathod, MD

  • Medical and Total Advantage members, Program participants, and Core members only

  • Requires member to be an established patient in the PALM Clinic

  • PALM submits to insurance. You are responsible for the copay or deductible and any balance unpaid by insurance if the provider is out-of-network.

Research shows that individuals are more successful with group visits than private visits in achieving health goals. Cancer Support Group Visits not only provide a supportive environment with other individuals who may share similar experiences and struggles, but also allow for more frequent check-ins with a medical provider. The functional medicine provider will be present during each group visit.

Intravenous Nutrition

(see our IV Nutrition page for more information)

  • Medical and Total Advantage members only

  • This service requires an order from a PALM provider. If you do not have a PALM provider, you can schedule an IV Infusion Consult.

  • PALM provides guidance for you to seek insurance reimbursement. An Insurance Correspondence Form is provided for you to submit to your insurance. You may or may not be reimbursed.

Vita C – Cancer Support: Our IV protocols for cancer therapy promote the death of cancer cells and support normal cell mitochondria, which are damaged by chemotherapy. Requires an initial consultation and ongoing follow-up with our integrative medicine physician. See IV Nutrition in our Wellness Therapies services for a full list of intravenous therapy options.