Weight Management Program

8-Week Intensive Program
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The Weight Management Program is an eight-week intensive program to help individuals work towards their specific health goal, such as controlling glucose, losing weight, improving metabolism, and more. During the program, individuals are assigned to a multidisciplinary team to support them, guide their treatment, and monitor their progress. Learn more about the key elements of the program and the providers involved on our Weight Management Program page.

Nutrition Consults

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Our nutrition services take a positive approach to food and diet. Our dietitians and nutritionists give you encouragement and provide you with recommendations based on your personal nutrition needs. Since weight reduction and weight management are key concerns for many individuals, we have also found that taking a balanced approach to weight loss — one that encompasses diet, exercise, proper hydration, meditation, and stress management — works best. Learn more about our services that help facilitate weight loss on our Nutrition Consults page.

Fitness and Nutrition Starter Package

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Jump-start your way into fitness and nutrition! This package provides an introduction to some of our most popular services that our providers recommend to get you on your way to improved physical conditioning and a healthier diet. Learn more about our Fitness and Nutrition Starter Package on our Starter Packages page.