Sound Refocus


Single Session / 30 Minutes / $35 (first-time users must start with an Intro 5-Pack to acclimate the body to ultrasound)
Intro 5-Pack of Titrated Sessions / 5-25 Minutes / $50
10-Pack of 30-Minute Sessions / $300

Available to all membership levels.

Sound Refocus uses ultrasound technology and a specific sound sequence to improve focus, promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance learning and memory. The capacity to hear first evolved in marine life, and ultrasound is a key way that whales, dolphins, and other mammals communicate and navigate. Sound Refocus bypasses the auditory system, transmitting ultrasound directly to the brain. This promotes deep calm and mental relaxation. The sound sequence is based on the Fibonacci series, which is a mathematical sequence found throughout nature.

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