Restorative Sleep Consult

60 Minutes / $130

  • All Membership Levels

Getting enough hours of sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but just as important is getting good quality sleep. In our Restorative Sleep Consult, learn approaches to fall asleep faster, stay asleep for longer, and restore an overall better sleep quality.

Sleep Starter Package

(see our Starter Packages page for more information)

  • All Membership Levels

Strengthen your quality of sleep with this introductory package of services that will help facilitate a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Services in this package include a Nutrition Supplement Consult, as well as sessions in cardiac coherence, biofeedback rebalance, cryotherapy, and Well-Being Coaching. Learn more about our Sleep Starter Package on our Starter Packages page.

Restorative Sleep Program

This program is not currently available, but will be soon.

  • This program is not currently available, but will be soon.

The Restorative Sleep Program is designed to help individuals work towards their sleeping goal such as improving quality of sleep, increasing alertness and wakefulness during the day, lengthening the duration of sleep cycles, and more. During the program, individuals are assigned to a multidisciplinary team to support them, guide their treatment, and monitor their progress. Learn more about the key elements of the program and the providers involved on our Restorative Sleep Program page, coming soon.

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