Julie Funke

Julie Funke, RYT


Julie has been an avid fitness guru for 30 years, focusing on personal training, fitness classes, spinning, and yoga. In 1996, she and two partners brought Spinning® to St. Louis, an indoor cycling class invented by Johnny G of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. that simulates a combination of road and mountain biking in an indoor setting done with music and lighting. She has enjoyed the last ten years devoting her focus to 500 hours in teacher training for yoga, and another 200 hours in workshops in and out of town. Julie is currently studying Clinical Thai Bodywork, a therapeutic modality that combines traditional Thai massage with more specialized techniques to target myofascial trigger points and help restore fluid motion across joints. Her classes at PALM Health center on the transformative power of strength coupled with flexibility and deep tissue restoration.


Overall Fitness, Spinning, Yoga, Thai Yoga, Clinical Thai Bodywork


Cardio Cycle, Flow