kori gaila

Kori Gaila, LMT, LE


Kori Gaila integrates her holistic knowledge with the best innovations in wellness and aesthetics to create flawless results for her clients to keep beautiful skin and create and maintain whole-body health. She applies her knowledge of aromatherapy, natural healing, herbs, energy work, and yogic principals to help her clients on their journey to health and well-being. Her knowledge of natural medicine combined with her training in modern beauty and Western psychology methods allows Kori to provide customized beauty and well-being protocols that are easy to follow. She supports her clients’ goals of achieving better health and natural beauty.

As a child, Kori learned massage from her Eastern European grandmother and herbs from her Russian grandmother. She started studying yoga when she was 5 years old. At age 21 she became the apprentice of a Navajo medicine woman and acupuncturist and studied herbs and holistic medicine. During this time, she attended massage school. Kori has completed studies in aromatherapy, yoga, Ayurveda, massage, and aesthetics. She has created several skin care and massage/body treatment protocols for multiple high-end spas in California and Hawaii.

Kori holds a BA in Philosophy with an emphasis in Eastern Philosophy and graduated magna cum laude. She is a member of the International Psychology Honor Society and holds a master’s degree in Human Behavior. Kori was given an honorary PhD in Herbal and Holistic Medicine Theory. She is a licensed esthetician, licensed massage therapist, ordained minister, and certified clinical hypnotherapist. She has devoted her life to alternative medicine and the healing arts.


Massage, Aesthetics, Holistic Health, Natural Healing, Herbs, Energy Work, Yoga