What is the Brain Health Program?

The Brain Health Program is built for individuals who are interested in learning how to optimize their brain health. The five-week intensive program includes a full neurological and functional medicine assessment, a diagnostic evaluation of energy pathways and neurotransmitters, and a quantitative analysis of brainwave functioning. Participants can expect to receive a comprehensive report with recommendations on how to improve their brain health and prevent neurological deterioration as they age.

The structure of the program consists of assessments and medical visits. Assessments will occur in the first two weeks. Visits with our medical providers will occur through the fifth week, which will conclude with a combined visit with the providers on the program team to review their findings and recommendations.

What are the benefits of the program?

The Brain Health Program is primarily a preventive program. The cognitive assessment provides individuals with a baseline assessment as well as a screen for early memory loss, dementia, or other cognitive issues. The full neurological exam provides evaluation and screening for neurological signs such as neuropathy, balance and coordination disturbances, gait and postural changes, and loss of strength and muscle tone. After the assessments, participants will receive a comprehensive report outlining the team’s assessment and findings along with a detailed list of recommendations for what individuals can do to promote brain health and prevent neurological decline as they age.

What are the key elements of the program?

The program consists of the following key elements:

  • Neurological assessment with neurological examination, comprehensive cognitive testing, and memory screening with a neurologist
  • Functional medicine intake focused on the gut-brain connection
  • Specialty lab testing will include the Organix® Comprehensive Profile, which provides a view into the body’s cellular metabolic processes and neurotransmitter breakdown
  • Quantitative EEG to evaluate brainwaves and compare to normative database

How do I sign up?

This program is open to all membership levels. Non-members may participate in this program with a Program Membership. To sign up for the Brain Health Program, connect with a PALM Navigator. After completion of the program, members will need a Medical Advantage or Total Advantage membership to continue receiving access to the PALM Clinic.

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Your Brain Health Team

Sita Kedia, MD, MPH, FAHS
Sita Kedia, MD, MPH, FAHS
Neurologist, Chief Medical Officer
Scott Jamison, MD, IFMCP
Scott Jamison, MD, IFMCP
Functional Medicine Physician
Ashley Wiegand, PhD, LMFT, BCN
Ashley Wiegand, PhD, LMFT, BCN
Sarah Lewis, CWC, LCSW
Sarah Lewis, CWC, LCSW
Program Coordinator
personalized medicine + wellness