Sports Performance Program

Has your tennis game reached a plateau? Want to hit the golf ball further, improve your strength, and increase your range of motion? Are you trying to avoid those all-too-common running injuries?

Staying active and improving your athletic skill is possible at any age with our Sports Performance Program. This 8-week specialized training program is designed for individuals seeking a targeted approach to improve their performance and decrease the risk for injury in sports such as golf, skiing, tennis, pickleball, running, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey, and basketball.

Our team’s athletic background includes competitive weight lifting, track and field, soccer, and training and treating professional athletes in the PGA and MLB. The program team consists of personal trainer Andrew Tucker, chiropractor Jason Biondo, and personal trainer Cindy Vickers.

The 8-week program includes:

  • 1 Sports Performance Functional Assessment (55 minutes) with Andrew Tucker
  • 1 Sports Performance Clinical Assessment (30 minutes) with Jason Biondo
  • 16 Sports Performance Training Sessions (55 minutes) (2 per week) with Andrew Tucker and Cindy Vickers

Learn more or sign up by contacting PALM Navigator Kim Cella at or 314-801-8898 option 4.

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