Project Description

ouisi gamesOuiSi Original, OuiSi Nature, and OuiSi x Getty Museum are sets of 210 visually connecting photo cards that celebrate the beauty of everyday life. Each box includes a guide full of creative games and activities that ignite creativity and curiosity, enhance cognitive abilities, improve critical thinking skills, and promote socialization. Each photo card matches many others in the set based on similar patterns, shapes, and colors. Thousands of these visual connections are waiting to be found, each delivering a delightful “aha!” moment.

OuiSi games are designed to bridge the gap between age groups, encouraging intergenerational play and fostering meaningful connections. Whether you’re a grandparent looking to connect with your grandkids, or a parent seeking a fun and educational activity for the whole family, these games offer a little something for everyone.

OuiSi games are available for purchase for $35 each.