Project Description

Purchase a 5-pack of NeuroFit sessions in June for $100 (regular price: $200).

NeuroFit is a form of neurofeedback or “brain training” used to help individuals with a variety of goals such as improved sleep, headaches, anxiety, focus, relaxation, and memory. NeuroFit training teaches the brain to shift from problematic brainwave patterns that underlie difficulties like excessive worrying or attention deficits to more regulated brainwave patterns. During the session, a tablet connected to a headset provides visual and audio cues to show you how your brain is performing. The screen displays positive cues when your brain is operating in optimal and healthy patterns. The goal of the session is to try to maintain that optimal brain pattern.

Our neurotherapist, Ashley Wiegand, recommends committing to 5-10 sessions of NeuroFit to see positive outcomes. There is no limit to the number of discounted packs you can purchase in June.