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Outdoor Pilates Class Event


Join us in the PALM parking lot for an outdoor Pilates Mat class with Jamie Dockman, founder of Real Core Pilates, certified personal trainer, and well-known Pilates instructor in St. Louis. This outdoor class event will include special surprise giveaways, energizing music, and an atmosphere of community and fun, weather permitting. Class size is limited to 15 participants, so sign up soon!

Outdoor Pilates Class Event2021-06-01T12:36:05-05:00

Jumpstarting Your Fitness Routine


Are you finding it challenging to understand why you should develop a fitness routine or where to begin? In this seminar, personal trainers Katheryn Scauzzo and Andrew Tucker will provide motivation for individuals to start a new fitness routine and direction to develop a sound plan for implementing specific exercise goals.

Jumpstarting Your Fitness Routine2020-01-30T09:15:38-06:00

Well-Rounded Fitness Plan


What does a complete exercise regimen look like? Katheryn Scauzzo, our fitness lead, registered dietitian, and personal trainer, will discuss the different elements that should be incorporated into a well-rounded fitness plan, such as aerobic exercise, strength training, core exercises, balance training, and stretches for flexibility.

Well-Rounded Fitness Plan2019-07-09T14:44:57-05:00

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