Weight Issues

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Weight Issues

Weight reduction and management are key concerns for most Americans. Obesity is at epidemic proportions and continues to rise. The market place is full of “remedies” for this popular health issue. Unfortunately, many of the supplements, diets, and exercise regimens are ineffective when you suffer from malnutrition or hormonal and metabolic imbalances.

Many approaches range from mildly unhealthy to dangerous. Patients report symptoms from excessive flatulence to serious and permanent organ damage. We continue to look for therapies that are effective, safe, and also serve a secondary purpose of detoxification.

We have found that taking a balanced approach including diet, exercise, water consumption, meditation, etc works best. We use high tech tools such as the body composition analyzer, nutritional counseling, researched supplements and inspiration. Our approach is to customize a plan based on analyzing your individual needs. It is integrated into your overall health goals. We apply traditional internal medicine along with various holistic approaches to assist you in reaching your goals.

PALM Health’s weight loss program consists of using a Body Composition Analysis, supplements, nutritional counseling as well as neurotransmitter and hormonal testing. We believe that good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. Through education and supplementation, we recommend a thoughtful nutritional program to support your health goals.

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