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Member Testimonials

Our members are what makes our community unique. With the support of individuals who are focused on health, nutrition, and well-being, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Below are just a few testimonials from our members.

“Life changing – the description of my two days at PALM Health. The personal attentiveness of the doctors and staff is unparalleled, but the real magic came from the integration of all mind and body and what this means for healthy living. I made the trip from Seattle, Washington, based on descriptions that sounded good. The actual experience far surpassed my expectations. Thank you. I believe this will add years to my life and improve the quality as well. Thank you PALM!”

“I just started here. Wow. The service is impeccable, the people are friendly and helpful, and the site is simply stunning. I cannot wait to take advantage of all they have to offer. I took a MELT class last night, and this morning was the first in 3 weeks I haven’t woke up with a headache.”

“As a new member who lives far away, I was thrilled that the Cafe prepared and set aside meals for me to take to-go, and to pick up at 4:00pm after closing. I will be back to the Cafe often. This is one of the only places I can eat ‘my’ kind of food!”

“Since taking part in the Integrative Medicine program, I have been able to forsake prescription drugs for anxiety and depression. I feel really healthy and happy for the first time in years. Dr. Varsha Rathod is a most pleasant physician and is willing to take the time to explain all procedures and bodily functions in detail.”

“The food in the Cafe is incredibly delicious and makes me feel so good! I love eating here! I think it’s the best food in St. Louis!”

“I have been a member since May 2016. The staff, and doctors are the most kind, caring, authentic professionals I have ever met. PALM your facilities are second to none. I want to move in. Beyond thankful I am a member. My body has never felt this good before.”

“Through diet and vitamin therapy, I am able to live a healthier life. I maintain a steady weight, a normal BP (which was high before) and normal heart rate (high prior, too). I have a high energy level and benefit from looking and feeling younger.”

“My life has been given back to me through my health, and I owe a very large part of that to PALM, especially to Dr. Varsha Rathod, Dr. Nigel Lester, and Julie Geeting who have been amazing.”

“I was very impressed and touched by Dr. Sita Kedia’s knowledge of my condition and willingness to go in-depth during my ‘meet & greet’ to reassure me that I will be well taken care of at PALM.”

“For three years before coming to Dr. Varsha Rathod, each winter I would become ill with a virus or sinus infection two or three times. Often it would go into bronchitis and I would be treated with some broad-spectrum antibiotic. Since I have been under the care of Dr. Rathod, I have not had a case of bronchitis and have not required any antibiotics.”



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