“For over a year, I was struggling with chronic stomach pain.

“My pain was definitely an inconvenience, and to a degree, it inhibited my daily life. I had to be very careful about what I was eating, especially in social settings or if I was planning to exercise or do certain activities later in the same day.

“I tried so many different diets, including cutting out meat, dairy, and ultimately, gluten. I also tried countless over-the-counter probiotics. None of these remedies helped.

“Before finding PALM, I had tried seeing several traditional gastroenterologists. They ran test after test and offered no support, help, or treatment because my tests continually came back normal. I was told to watch what I ate — specifically, I was told to simply “eat healthy,” which I was already doing, and take antacids as needed.

“This was not a solution to my problem.

“I heard about PALM Health through a family friend, who suggested I see Dr. Scott Jamison. From my very first appointment on, I was greeted with kind staff who were eager to help me solve my health issue. PALM offered treatments that looked at the whole picture.

“Dr. Jamison truly cared and took the time to rule out every possible problem, not just looking at my stomach but all of the other issues that could be at play. After running several tests, Dr. Jamison came back with information that would finally help us treat my symptoms and rebalance my stomach.

“I was given several medications and a plan specific to my needs. After following my plan precisely and using the medications offered directly from PALM, I noticed that my stomach was settling.

“After about a month, I saw symptoms only a few times per week instead of a few times per day.

“Now, I almost never experience pain or problems with my stomach. I have continued with my plan given to me and have seen so much success at PALM after so many doctors were unable to help.

“I am grateful to PALM for looking at the whole picture of my health and being so invested in my well-being, and I am glad that PALM was able to help finally alleviate my stomach pains.”

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