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At PALM Health we offer advanced medical and wellness solutions all in one place, so you can transform your health and regain vitality.

Today’s healthcare system is increasingly disconnected. PALM’s team works together to diagnose and treat the whole person. Our mind-body approach, innovative services and technologies, and caring experts enable you to attain—and maintain—your optimal well-being.

PALM’s state-of-the-art healing environment includes medical consultation rooms, coaching and counseling rooms, rejuvenating spa treatment rooms, an ionized Himalayan salt room, detoxifying infrared saunas, and beneficial technologies such as cryotherapy. Amenities also include a fitness and personal training center; a movement studio for group fitness, yoga, and pilates classes; and a relaxation room. We also have a café and wellness boutique with supplements, skincare, and a wide range of retail items curated to help you sustain a healthy lifestyle.

PALM Health is a membership-based center. We have a wide range of membership programs to meet everyone’s goals and interests. We do, however, welcome guests and visitors to come to PALM and enjoy our services. A One Day Membership or Experience Pass is an excellent way to visit PALM. For more information about these options, please call a Navigator at 314-801-8898 option 0.

Yes, we offer PALM gift cards for wellness services, spa services, and retail. Please stop by reception at the front desk to purchase a PALM gift card. We also offer separate café gift cards for healthy meals, beverages, and snacks. Please stop by the café to purchase a café gift card.

To foster a stress-free, therapeutic environment, we do not accept gratuities for any services or in the café at PALM Health. Please, no tipping.


We have a wide range of annual memberships to meet everyone’s goals and interests on the spectrum from prevention, to healthy lifestyle support, to executive health, to intensive support for an acute or chronic medical condition. We also have monthly wellness and lifestyle memberships, as well as targeted programs to address specific goals, such as weight loss or stress management. For more information about these options, we invite you to explore our memberships and call a Navigator at 314-801-8898 option 0.

Yes, PALM offers several medically-focused memberships that include visits with providers (in person, via telehealth, or by phone) as well as many tests and procedures. This ensures top convenience for members enrolled in these programs.

PALM also has membership options for individuals who are satisfied with their medical care elsewhere, and are looking for healthy lifestyle support. For these members, a variety of medical consults are available à la carte according to our fee schedule.

Each membership includes a set of wellness services designed to support you in your pursuit of well-being. For new members, this is a great way to get started and feel immediate results. Memberships also grant à la carte access to additional wellness services so you can receive ongoing care from your preferred providers. Ask a Navigator for our Menu of Services for a complete list of current pricing, or explore our services online.

Members enrolled in the PALM Executive, Restore, Vitality, and Total memberships have access to the fitness center by appointment as available. PALM Wellness, Pediatric, and Optima members can access the fitness center while working with a personal trainer, by adding on a One Month Vitality Membership, or by purchasing a One Day Membership.

In some cases, PALM’s fees may be paid for using your employer-based Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Contact your health insurance representative for specific details on your HSA and FSA benefits coverage.

Yes, please speak with a Navigator at 314-801-8898 option 0 to learn more about our options for non-residents.

Yes. Annual memberships are for a one-year term. You can always upgrade your membership once you have joined.


PALM’s doctors take a comprehensive, functional approach to your well-being and use in-depth assessments to diagnose your health risks and the root cause of symptoms and conditions. Not only are they top specialists in their fields, but they also understand the relationship between the mind and body and are skilled in both conventional and complementary healing methods. Every provider on PALM’s unique multispecialty team is trained in a functional and integrative medicine approach.

Our providers spend time with you, listening to your history. We develop whole-person strategies that address all the factors that influence complex, chronic disease and long-term well-being. So whether you are focused on prevention and optimizing your health, or treating an existing condition, our programs and treatments are customized to support you each step of the way.

PALM providers use a functional medicine approach, which starts by asking in-depth questions about your health history from birth to present. Once they understand how you have arrived where you are today, they create your personalized approach to optimizing your health.

Your doctor will then decide which assessments to use to develop a deep understanding of you. This may include fitness assessments, personality tests, imaging, and nutrition assessments. They then analyze the intricate interactions among the biological, environmental, emotional, and lifestyle factors influencing your health. When appropriate, our physicians recommend specialty lab testing (e.g. genetics, hormones, food sensitivities, inflammatory triggers, cholesterol particle size, nutritional status) to find the sources of ill functioning that can be leveraged to improve your health. This comprehensive set of assessments allows us to tailor effective programs, measure your progress, and ensure that you receive personalized care.

Yes, PALM Health physicians will recommend and refer you to specialists of excellence, who are selected from an extensive network of medical professionals.

Functional medicine is a powerful tool for diagnosing the root cause of illness that is based on the understanding that lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors can influence long-term health and the progression of chronic diseases that are on the rise in the 21st century. Our providers use functional medicine to determine the underlying causes of chronic conditions in order to treat the root problem and not merely treat the symptoms of the disease.

Whereas functional medicine is the diagnostic approach our providers use, integrative medicine is the therapeutic approach they use to implement a personalized plan for healing. Integrative medicine combines the best of conventional medicine with complementary therapies. At PALM, we make it simple for our providers to apply an integrative approach by combining access to a variety of conventional and complementary services under one roof.

Our medical providers specialize in primary care, family medicine, functional and integrative medicine, neurology, cardiology, psychiatry, and chiropractic care.

Yes. We offer family medicine visits, pediatric visits, and pediatric neurology visits, or we may refer to outside pediatricians and specialists who see children and young adults depending on the needs and age of your child. Our physicians commonly address digestive disorders, ADHD, allergies, depression, anxiety, and other conditions in children and young adults. A Navigator can pair you with the best provider for your family.

Yes, we encourage you to maintain your relationship with your current primary care doctor if you are happy with his or her service. If you receive medical consults at PALM, we will work with your primary care provider to ensure that you are receiving the best, most coordinated care possible.

Yes! In today’s fragmented health system, it is essential that you have single point access to all your medical records. You can be secure in knowing that your records from multiple facilities and providers are stored in a single confidential location where potentially lifesaving records can be rapidly accessed or transferred in a medical emergency.


We do not accept insurance. Depending on your membership level, your program may include your medical visits and services. If the services are not included, you are responsible for paying each service based on our fee schedule.

Routine labs submitted through Quest or LabCorp will be paid by your insurance according to your plan. Specialty labs are typically not covered by insurance. PALM is not able to provide Insurance Correspondence Forms (Superbills) for the majority of specialty labs. Before your specialty lab, you will receive a billing acknowledgment form to clarify the fees that you are responsible for paying at the time of service.

For certain services, we can provide Insurance Correspondence Forms, known as “Superbills.” The forms include the necessary diagnostic and treatment codes so that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. However, we cannot guarantee repayment even with the Insurance Correspondence Form (Superbill). Of note, if your visits are included in your membership program, we cannot provide you with an Insurance Correspondence Form (Superbill) for the individual service.

We can provide Insurance Correspondence Forms (Superbills) for the following services:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Counseling/Therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Neurofeedback
  • Neurology*
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation*
  • Preventative Cardiology*
  • Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

*We cannot provide Insurance Correspondence Forms for services included as part of your membership program fee.

Your provider can provide you with an Insurance Correspondence Form (Superbill) during your visit if your service is eligible for one. If you seek to obtain an Insurance Correspondence Form (Superbill) after your visit, please contact our accounting department. We can provide forms for services completed within the last six months.

The tests or procedures included depend on your specific program. If your plan includes primary care, the majority of your medical care completed at PALM Health, such as EKGs, ear cleaning, wound cleaning, joint steroid injections, as well as some point of care tests such as strep, mono, and flu, are included at no additional fee. Diagnostic tests such as COVID-19 testing may be done at PALM as part of your membership benefits and the lab will process payment of the test through your insurance. The flu vaccine, as available, is included as well. Of note, COVID-19 testing, pneumonia vaccination, shingles vaccination, hepatitis A vaccination, TDAP vaccination, prolotherapy, and vitamin B12 shots are not included.

Suppose a procedure, medication, or vaccination is not included. In that case, we can provide you with an Insurance Correspondence Form (Superbill) to seek reimbursement or refer you to another place, as preferred. Please ask a Navigator or refer to your membership agreement for further details regarding the services included in your membership.

In some cases, PALM’s fees may be paid for using your employer-based Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Contact your health insurance representative for specific details on your HSA and FSA benefits coverage.

A PALM Health membership does not replace health insurance. We advise all members to maintain a separate health insurance plan of their choosing for blood work, diagnostic imaging, urgent care, emergency room visits, medications, hospitalizations, surgery, and other medical care outside of PALM Health.

No. PALM Health is not health insurance and is not a substitute for comprehensive health insurance. Given that our service does not fulfill the ACA’s health insurance requirement, we encourage everyone to maintain a separate health insurance plan to meet their needs.

We use your insurance card to help you obtain prior authorizations for your insurance to cover diagnostic imaging, tests, medications, and medical care outside of PALM. Your labs will be processed by Quest or LabCorp, who will submit them directly to your insurance.


Members enrolled in the PALM Executive, Restore, Vitality, and Total Memberships have access to the fitness center by appointment as available. PALM Wellness, Pediatric, and Optima members can access the fitness center while working with a personal trainer, by adding on a One Month Vitality Membership, or by purchasing a One Day Membership.

Outlets are available in each locker in the atrium hallway for you to charge your cell phone. An iPhone charger is available at a table in the atrium if you did not bring a charger with you.

Men’s and women’s locker rooms are available to all members and their guests. A variety of robe sizes, sandals, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, and additional amenities are readily available for member use in each locker room. The individual lockers are available to secure personal belongings. Locking instructions are located inside each locker. A blinking red light indicates that the locker is in use.

Before spa appointments such as facials, massages, and body treatments, members may undress to their comfort level and change into a robe and slippers in the locker room.

A robe is required to protect your clothing and to maintain the hygiene of our salt room. Please wear sandals to your salt room session, which you will remove before you enter. Please do not wear your own shoes.

Salt room sessions begin promptly on the hour and half hour. Therefore, you must be present outside the salt room prior to your appointment’s scheduled start time. Sessions will begin with those who are present. Please do not open the doors to enter late or to leave early.

No, cell phones are prohibited in the salt room and thermal suites (infrared sauna and steam room). We ask members to be mindful that the salt room is a quiet space and to be respectful of other members.

The café is available to all members and their guests. Non-members can access the café for a day by purchasing a One Day Membership.

To place an order to go in the café, please call 314-801-8898 option 7, or stop by the café and place your order with the café attendant. Please give the café staff at least 48 hours advance notice for large orders.


As part of your new member onboarding process, you will download the PALM app with your Navigator. Then you will be able to sign in to the mobile app and access our class schedule. You can sign up for an in-person or virtual class by selecting the name and tapping the “Book Class” button on the bottom of your screen. When you arrive at PALM for an in-person class, please check in for the class at reception or on the iPad on the wall outside the Oak Room.

PALM also offers unlimited access to a Virtual On-Demand Library of classes to all members. This library is available through the PALM app on your phone, computer, or tablet under the tab “Online Class Library.”

Please stop by reception at the front desk or call 314-801-8898 option 1 to schedule massages, facials, body treatments, fitness assessments, personal training, nutrition appointments, coaching, and counseling. Members are able to sign up on the PALM app for BioMat sessions, PEMF mat sessions, cryotherapy, salt room sessions, fitness center access, and classes.

Please call 314-801-8898 option 2 to schedule medical appointments and medical services, such as IV nutrition, chelation, specialty lab testing, and labs.

If you signed up for an event, workshop, or seminar and find you are unable to attend, please cancel your reservation on the PALM app in advance so that members on the waiting list may attend.

Treatments are held in reserve for you. In order to ensure that we provide the best service possible, please provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation prior to the appointment time. Any missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice are subject to a fee equal to: 100% of the reserved service amount or loss of service from a package, or $100 for medical and mental health visits. There is no charge for cancellations due to cold or flu symptoms or COVID-19 exposure.


PALM Health is a membership-based facility. Members receive priority scheduling and gratuity-free preferred pricing on services, in addition to many other benefits. Non-members may access select services with a One Day Membership or a Membership, which gives them access to our facility, services, and amenities. Frequently, non-members use a One Day Membership try a fitness class, relax on the BioMat, enjoy a massage or facial, eat in the café, or experience a session in our Himalayan salt room, among other activities. To schedule a One Day Membership to visit PALM Health, call reception at 314-801-8898 option 1.

PALM Health offers several different options for One Day Memberships based on the services you would like to try. Please visit our Try Us Out page for more information about each option.

Congratulations on receiving a One Day Membership to PALM! To get started and to learn more about what PALM has to offer, please call a Navigator at 314-801-8898 option 0. Your Navigator will be able to schedule the services included in your membership for you, and advise you on any additional services that will meet your goals and interests. On the day of your visit, a Navigator will give you an informational tour and answer any questions you may have.

On the day you plan to use your One Day Membership, please sign in with reception at the front desk. They will direct you to a Navigator if you would like a tour, and they will also be able to help you schedule services and sign up for classes if you have not already done so.

No, our doctors currently only see patients who are enrolled in a membership program at PALM that includes medical support. To learn more about any of these options, please contact a Navigator at 314-801-8898 option 0.

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