Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is PALM Health?

PALM Health is an integrative wellness center that offers a state-of-the-art healing environment, medical clinic, fitness center, and spa in a 17,500 square foot facility. Under one roof, we combine conventional medicine, complementary therapies, cutting-edge technologies, wellness, and spa services to work on a person’s total well-being. We offer in-depth personalized consults and comprehensive wellness amenities to foster physical, emotional, and mental health.

What are the Key Amenities of the PALM Health Center?

PALM’s state-of-the-art healing environment includes medical consultation rooms, coaching and counseling suites, rejuvenating spa treatment rooms, aromatic steam rooms, ionized salt therapy, detoxifying infrared saunas, and beneficial technologies such as hyperbaric oxygen chambers and cryotherapy. Amenities also include a fitness and personal training center; a movement studio for group fitness, yoga, and meditation; a relaxation room; and indoor/outdoor gardens. We also have a member Café, demonstration kitchen, and wellness store to help you sustain a healthy lifestyle.

What is Unique about the Doctors and Medical Visits at PALM?

Our multi-specialty team of providers are trained in a Functional and Integrative Medicine approach. This means that in addition to being top specialists in their field they are also skilled in both traditional and alternative healing methods, and they understand the relationship between your mind and body. Furthermore, they utilize a comprehensive approach and in-depth assessments to diagnose your individual health risks and/ or the root cause of an illness.

Our providers spend time with you, listening to your history. When appropriate they employ specialty lab testing (e.g. genetics, hormones, food sensitivities, inflammatory triggers, cholesterol particle size, nutritional status), imaging, fitness, personality, and psychological assessments. They analyze the intricate interactions among the biological, environmental, emotional, and lifestyle factors influencing your health.

Our comprehensive assessments provide us with a deep understanding of you and allow us to tailor effective programs, measure progress, and ensure that you receive personalized care. We develop whole-person strategies that address all the factors that influence complex, chronic disease and long-term well-being. Programs and treatments make use of both conventional and alternative methods to achieve optimal health and healing. Additionally, they are customized to support you each step of the way.

What is an Integrative & Functional Medicine Approach?

Integrative & Functional Medicine emphasizes the relationship between patient and practitioner, focuses on the whole person, and employs all appropriate therapeutic approaches (both conventional and alternative) to achieve optimal health and healing. This highly personalized approach uses tools to analyze the complex interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors, in order to uncover and treat the root cause of an illness and prevent disease.

If I Become a Member, Do I Also Need to Pay For Medical and Wellness Services?

Yes, for medical visits, you are responsible to pay the fee for service, co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles required pursuant to the terms of your health insurance coverage. You will be responsible to pay the fee out-of-pocket if you do not have insurance, if we are not in-network with your carrier, or if your health insurance carrier does not cover a particular service. Certain membership programs include select wellness services (e.g. fitness classes, gym access, thermal suites, wellness assessments, personal coach/navigator) that are not covered by your health insurance.

Does PALM Accept Gratuity for Spa and Wellness Services?

To foster a stress-free, therapeutic environment, we have a strict no tip policy.

Will PALM Accept Insurance and/or Medicare?

Yes. our providers will be in-network with most health insurance carriers, and most will also accept Medicare.

What Health Insurance Carriers Will PALM Accept?

The majority of PALM’s medical providers are in-network with Medicare, and all major insurance carriers, such as Anthem, Aetna, Coventry, Cigna, United Health Care, and Humana. Please contact us for more details.

What Types of Medical Specialists are at PALM?

Primary Care, Family Medicine, Functional / Integrative Medicine, Neurology (adult and child), Preventive and Rehabilitative Cardiology, Rheumatology, Psychiatry, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Chiropractic Care.

What If There is Not a Specific Medical Specialist to Meet My Needs?

PALM Health physicians will recommend specialists of excellence, who are selected from an extensive network of medical professionals. These appointments are arranged and expedited through our on-site concierge.

Do Any of the Medical Providers See Children?

Yes. PALM medical providers include family medicine, pediatricians, and specialists who see children and young adults.

What Kind of Mental Health Services are Offered?

We offer psychiatric services, mental health counseling, and coaching. Our providers are trained in effective methods to help members make healthy changes in their attitudes and behavior, and grow in positive emotion and self-fulfillment.

Can I Keep My Primary Care Doctor if I Join PALM Health?

We encourage you to maintain your relationship with your current primary care doctor if you are happy with their service. If you receive consults at PALM, we will work with your primary care provider to ensure that you are receiving the best, most coordinated care possible.

How Much is a Membership?

Our prices range from $300 to $3300 per year depending on your plan. Options are designed to benefit you no matter what your goals are on the health spectrum, from prevention to healing.

Is My Membership Fee Covered by Insurance?

Some HSA or FSA plans do cover portions of membership fees. You should speak to your HR specialist or health insurance carrier for details to learn if your fee would be covered.

Do You Have a Membership Plan for Non-Residents?

Non-residents can purchase a PALM Wellness membership for $300 per year and can add on the Lifestyle Advantage Program for a minimum of 3 months per year paid upfront and used consecutively or non-consecutively .

Can a PALM Wellness or Medical Advantage Member Access the Fitness Center?

PALM Wellness and Medical Advantage members can only access the fitness center if working with a personal trainer, attending a class, or purchasing a Lifestyle Day Pass. Lifestyle and Total Advantage Members have access to the fitness center for regular daily use.

Can I Change My Level of Membership After I Sign Up?

Yes. Memberships are for a one-year term. You can always upgrade your membership once you have joined.

Can I Send Records to PALM Health from Other Medical Providers?

Yes! In today’s fragmented health system, it is essential that you have single point access to all your medical records! You can be secure in knowing that your records from multiple facilities and providers are stored in a single confidential location where potentially lifesaving records can be rapidly accessed or transferred in a medical emergency.

How Can I take Advantage of a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account?

In some cases, PALM’s fees may be paid using your employer-based Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). See your health insurance representative for specific details on HSA benefits coverage. If applicable, we can provide a Letter of Medical Necessity detailing your dietary supplement prescriptions for you to seek reimbursement.

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