Functional Medicine

Virtual or at PALM

Initial Visit 75 Minutes
Extended Visit 60 Minutes
Follow-up Visit 45 Minutes

  • Dr. Varsha Rathod, Dr. Basima Williams, or Sarah Bird, DNP

  • Medical and Total Advantage members, Program participants, and Core members only

  • PALM submits to insurance. You are responsible for the copay or deductible and any balance unpaid by insurance if the provider is out-of-network.

Get to the root of distress, dysfunction, and disease with functional medicine. Our providers partner with you and take time to understand your needs. This whole-person healing system helps you remove obstacles to achieving optimal health and address what’s lacking to boost your body’s ability to heal. Our in-depth assessments and treatment plans offer real solutions to those suffering from digestive disorders, metabolic disturbances, arthritis, pain, depression, fatigue, and more.

Your consult may focus on:

  • Lifestyle medicine and well-being optimization
  • Difficult-to-diagnose symptoms and conditions
  • Regeneration and reversing age-related illness
  • Chronic illness management and treatment plans
personalized medicine + wellness