“This program got me back on track.”

“I lost 20 pounds, renewed my energy, and restored my confidence. Thank you, PALM, for making me feel like myself again!”

 – Henry B. · Program Participant · St. Louis, MO

What Makes the Balanced Living Program Different

PALM’s Balanced Living Program helps you rebalance your approach to daily living and reset your health by addressing nutrition, movement, and stress reduction. Our medical team works to develop a personalized plan for each individual, customized according to the objectives and analysis of the person.

This 12-week intensive program is for people who want to: 

  • shed old habits and embrace new ones,
  • lose a moderate amount of weight and keep it off, or
  • gain momentum and healthier behaviors for longer-term sustainable weight loss.
balanced living program

Hear it Straight from the Source

Take 11 minutes to watch a video of our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sita Kedia, explaining more details about the program, why we created it, who the program is best for, what the program includes, and what results you can expect to achieve.

What’s Included

  • Personalization: Receive assessments including specialty labs as needed, as well as a fitness intake, body composition analysis, and personalized exercise plan to evaluate your fitness level and customize your program.
  • Nutrition: Get a food plan that incorporates whole, unprocessed foods and a Mediterranean diet, as well as nutrition advice tailored to you. Plus, you’ll have access to nutritious meals, beverages, and smoothies from the PALM Café.
  • Movement: Learn about ways to incorporate more physical movement into your daily routine. You’ll have access to unlimited fitness classes and personal training, as needed.
  • Stress Reduction: Build stress management and detoxification techniques that work for you, from infrared sauna sessions and cryotherapy to meditation and breathing.
  • Support and Accountability: You’ll get weekly weigh-ins and regular one-on-one visits with your medical team.
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How It Works

You’ll discuss your health goals with a Navigator to see if this program is a good fit. Once you’re ready to commit, we’ll get you signed up with a start date that works for you.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll meet with our Functional Medicine Physician for a medical workup, work with a Health Coach to understand your personality and obstacles to change, and get exercise recommendations and a baseline fitness assessment from a personal trainer.

We’ll give you a Balanced Living Program binder with materials and tools you’ll need to be successful in the program. You’ll also get customized meal plans from our program dietitian.

Once your program is in full swing, you’ll:

  • Get ongoing support with weekly meal planning, weigh-ins, and check-ins
  • Take a weekly class just for program members
  • Engage in weekly detoxification and relaxation activities
  • Work out in exercise classes, the fitness center, or with a trainer
  • Watch educational webinars on relevant topics

Most of all, you’ll feel supported by the PALM community and the PALM Café.

You and the program team will plan for post-program success so you can continue practicing the healthy behaviors and habits you’ve learned after the twelve weeks are over.

balanced living program

Trusted by a Community of Members

PALM Health was voted #1 in Preventive Health services in the 2021 Ladue News Platinum List awards and was a finalist in Medical Weight Loss in the 2022 St. Louis Magazine A-List Reader’s Choice awards.

With over 1,900 satisfied members, since 2016 we have continued to help individuals reach well-being.

Years Experience
in Preventive Health
Satisfied Members
balanced living program

What to Do Next

Find out if the Balanced Living Program is the best fit for you. Connect with a Navigator or call 314-801-8898 option 0 to learn more about the program.


Meet Your Program Team

Sita Kedia

Dr. Sita Kedia, Chief Medical Officer

“Food is much more than just sustenance for the body. It is a part of our social experience, and a way to celebrate, to experience other cultures and connect with others, and to care for ourselves. To engage in these important elements of food, we need to use quality ingredients, delight our palette with savory meals, and balance our intake of nutritious foods with the occasional treat. In this program, we have provided recipes to give you structure, but you will also be encouraged to be creative when working with your care team to meet your needs on all of these levels.”

Karrie Hohn

Dr. Karrie Hohn, Functional Medicine Physician

“Inflammation is recognized today as one of the main causes of the development of disease and aging. An inflamed cellular environment leads to an imbalance in hormones, circadian rhythms, mitochondrial function, and DNA stability. This inflammation can cause inactivation and depletion of stem cells. PALM is in a continuous search for the best therapeutic methods to help reduce inflammation and counteract these effects. In this program, we support the body with frequent sessions of cryotherapy, infrared sauna therapy, and salt room treatments to lower inflammation.”

Christaney Townsend

Christaney Townsend, Dietitian

“We are the most successful in changing our lifestyle when we have accountability and motivation, which is what I love to offer to people as we work together. As a partner in your health, I will help you find practical tools to make sustainable changes and troubleshoot challenges, such as food plans that work for you and are easy to incorporate into your daily life.”

Maggie Loida

Dr. Jason Biondo, Director of Fitness

“All movement is good movement! We start with where you are and help you enjoy moving more and developing confidence. You’ll achieve better mobility and flexibility while decreasing the body fat that causes inflammation, and increasing lean muscle to counteract age-related muscle loss. Ultimately, this process boosts your metabolism for long-lasting impact.”

Lara Pennington

Lara Pennington, Health Coach

“I see tremendous growth in clients as I help them cultivate mindfulness, restorative sleep, and a positive attitude, which are all important practices both for general happiness and for bringing their metabolism into healthy functioning.”

Our Philosophy

Our approach focuses on making lifestyle changes that will help you foster a healthy relationship with food and bring your body into balance. By taking a long-term approach to balanced living, this program gives you the tools you need to succeed in your long-term weight management goals.

The Balanced Living Program is not just about losing weight, but also about gaining health benefits and promoting the prevention of chronic conditions. This program is designed to help you foster a sustainable, positive relationship with food while you shed excess pounds.

At the end of the program, you will have new confidence in your ability to make healthy choices that you enjoy and a new appreciation for self-care. Through this rebalancing and these positive lifestyle changes, you can maintain a healthy weight long after you have finished the program.


Certified by National Organizations

Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, trainers, coaches, and wellness specialists have decades of experience, extensive education, and multiple degrees from organizations such as the Institute for Functional Medicine, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching, and Anthropedia.

What to Do Next

Find out if the Balanced Living Program is the best fit for you. Connect with a Navigator or call 314-801-8898 option 0 to learn more about the program.

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