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What is IV Therapy and what is it used for?

Did you know you can treat fatigue, headaches, heavy metal poisoning, neurodegenerative and cardiac illnesses, mood fluctuations, and signs of aging using IV therapy? IVs can also be used to boost immune function, provide pre-surgical and post-surgical support, and improve sports performance and recovery.

IV Therapy is a highly effective way to replenish essential vitamins and nutrients in your body. When delivered through an IV, these nutrients bypass the GI tract (which oral supplements would normally have to pass through) and go straight to your bloodstream for maximum effect and absorption.

iv therapy
iv therapy

How to Get Started with IV Therapy

Whether you are a PALM member or not, you can benefit from IV therapy. You’ll start with a free 15-minute IV consultation with one of our medical providers to get recommendations based on your health history. You’ll leave with a list of the top IV therapy protocols that are best for you. Then, schedule your IV treatment!

iv therapy

Explore Our IV Therapy Options

IV Nutrition Therapy

Focus on a specific nutrient deficiency or boost your energy, mood, immunity, recovery, and performance with one of our specially-formulated IVs.

45-Minute Treatments
45 Minutes / $95

Perfect for someone on the go, this quick 45-minute IV treatment contains a blend of vitamin C and other key nutrients to reinforce your immune system and keep you feeling generally well on a day-to-day basis.

90-Minute Treatments
90 Minutes / $175 ($87.50 for your first treatment!)
10-Pack (90 Minutes) / $1,575
20-Pack (90 Minutes) / $2,975

Boost your mood with this multi-complex of vitamin B, essential minerals, and amino acids, which can help alleviate stress, depression, mood swings, and premenstrual symptoms.

Replenish your body, shorten recovery time, increase energy, and boost your immune system with this high-dose combination of minerals and vitamins B and C.

Excellent during viral season or when you feel like you may be coming down with something, this concentrated blend of vitamin C, vitamin B12, amino acids, and other vitamins helps fight infection and speed recovery time.

Improve your athletic performance with this infusion tailored to support active bodies before a competition or tournament.

Help your body heal after an intense workout or sports competition with this formula of B-vitamins and minerals, tailored to assist athletes with post-game recovery.

Prepare your body before surgery with an infusion to ensure that you have all the necessary vitamins and minerals to promote a successful procedure.

Recuperate from surgery and help speed recovery time with this custom blend of vitamins and minerals designed specifically for post-surgery support.

IV NAD+ Therapy

Meet the powerhouse molecule that plays a big role in aging: NAD+. At PALM, we offer intravenous doses of NAD+ to promote anti-aging and treat neurological decline.

120 Minutes / $285
4-Pack of 120-Minute Sessions / $1,026

NAD+ depletes as you age, and this depletion is responsible for many age-related signs and symptoms like weakness, fatigue, decreased skin elasticity, and decreased neurological function. Luckily, NAD+ replenishment is safe and effective.

Our NAD+ Anti-Aging IV provides a 250mg dose of NAD+ and is designed for those looking for prevention of age-related symptoms and diseases.

iv therapy

Ready to get started with IV Therapy at PALM Health?

Connect with our team to get set up for your free IV consult and first treatment.


“I suffer from headaches and the IVs are a life saver. I instantly feel better and can continue my day. The staff is so friendly and makes me feel so comfortable.”

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