Chiropractic Care

Virtual or at PALM

Initial Visit 75 Minutes / $195
Follow-up Visit 45 Minutes / $145
Follow-up Visit 30 Minutes / $102

Available to all membership levels. Choice Pack Service (30-Minute Follow-up Visit only).

Assist your body in restoring normal function and alleviating pain through proper alignment of the spine and musculature. Our chiropractor will perform an in-depth evaluation of your condition or symptoms and design a treatment program that integrates hands-on manipulation with acupressure, as well as nutritional, physical, and other complementary therapies.

Chiropractic Performance Training

with Dr. Jake Schaake or Dr. Jason Biondo

Virtual or at PALM

30 Minutes / $102
55 Minutes / $175

10-Pack of 55-Minute Sessions / $1,650

Available to all membership levels. Choice Pack Service (30-Minute Session only).

Get personalized direction and advice from our chiropractor with private one-on-one training sessions. Whether your goal is rehabilitative or performance-related, our chiropractor provides a personalized exercise prescription and training with clear instructions on proper technique and loading strategies to specifically address your injuries, weakness, and vulnerabilities.

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