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Welcome to the PALM Health Blog! Here we share provider insights, articles, and tips on how to maintain and sustain total well-being. If you would like us to address a particular topic, please contact us.

Feeling Down for the Count? Here’s How IV Therapy Can Bring You Back Up

Feeling low energy lately? Getting sick more often than usual? Feel like your body just isn’t recovering as well as it should from day to day? A lot of these symptoms can be associated with a deficiency or dip in essential vitamins and nutrients. There are many ways you can address those deficiencies or bolster your natural concentrations of essential nutrients, but one of the fastest and most direct ways to do so is intravenously, also known as IV drip therapy.

May 17th, 2024|Functional Medicine|

Five Ways to Relieve Allergies and Improve Vitality

It’s that time of year again — sneezing, itching, sniffling, and coughing. Chances are, you’re one of the 24 million Americans who experience seasonal allergies, and you’re familiar with the toll it can take on your body. Due to both the symptoms of seasonal allergies, and the physiological process your body goes through when reacting to an allergen, your health can suffer more than usual during this time of year. And oftentimes, allergy medicines only provide temporary relief. It’s important to keep in mind your body’s overall well-being when dealing with allergies, and not just treat the isolated symptoms.

April 10th, 2024|Functional Medicine|

Recovery: The Forgotten But Essential Part of Your Exercise Routine

What do you do when you’ve had a stressful day and need to recover from it? Take a day off, plan a relaxing evening, or maybe soak in a warm bath? Letting your mind rest and process that stress allows you to come back ready to take on the next day. Interestingly enough, this kind of recovery doesn’t only apply to your mental state. Physiologically, your body works the same way.

March 20th, 2024|Functional Medicine|

4 Unexpected Culprits That May Be Behind Your Acne, Aging Skin, and Dark Spots

Dealing with premature lines, wrinkles, spots, and other signs of aging? Dry and damaged skin? Adult acne? There may be an imbalance in your skin’s microbiome. Your microbial composition is unique to you, determined largely by genetics, environment, lifestyle choices, and more. It’s also ever-changing. Humidity, temperature, day-to-day hygiene changes, and products cause the microbiome’s composition to fluctuate.

January 29th, 2024|Functional Medicine|
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