Our Coaching, Counseling, and Neurofeedback services focus on self-awareness to foster vitality both inside and out. Our well-being coaches and mental health counselors, as well as our personalized packages, offer comprehensive, proactive support focused on prevention, transformation, and sustainable healthy living.

“The physical workout and nutrition support challenged me, and now I believe that I can become stronger than I thought possible. The trainers encouraged me to believe that I could do workouts that I had thought I could not do, and now I have gone beyond that.”


“This past year has been a journey for me and PALM has been there every step of the way. One year later and 100 pounds gone, I am a completely changed person. I feel better overall. I can’t say enough great things about this place.”


“Active stretching with the fitness instructors has been my number one favorite part of PALM so far. Every time I go, I learn a new way to stretch and move my body. I am discovering muscles I never knew I had!”


“When I joined I didn’t know what to expect, but it has been a wonderful and truly inspiring journey that has transformed me both physically and mentally. When you walk in the front door it starts with a warm welcome and just gets better from there. No regrets, and I would highly recommend!”

RANDY B., MAY 2019
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