PALM Health empowers people to transform their health and feel their best in mind and body.

Our state-of-the-art center offers concierge primary care with functional medicine specialists and a comprehensive range of advanced medical and wellness services to optimize health and longevity.

When the doors open at PALM Health, you feel the difference. Here’s why:

Our Approach. Our advanced whole-person approach promotes optimal well-being through personalized “Lifestyle Medicine.”

Our People. Our team members are caring, collaborative, inspiring leaders in well-being who are passionate about elevating the experience of health and wellness care for our clients.

Our Programs. Our integrative, physician-designed programs are results-driven and help people to restore and sustain optimal health.

Our Community. At PALM, members and guests experience the real human connection that no app or technology can replace.

Health & Wellness Center in St. Louis, MO - PALM Health
Health & Wellness Center in St. Louis, MO - PALM Health

What People Are Saying

“The only thing better than the facilities at PALM are the people! From the staff at the desk to the technicians and doctors — without exception I am always made to feel at home, a part of the family. And my healthcare providers are the most thorough and responsive that I have ever had. I never feel rushed and I always feel cared for.” – Member Alan R.  |  December 2019

“This is the place you go when you want the best. The best doctors, the best rehab, the best care. You are not a number but a valued person that they really care about.” – Member James S.  |  July 2021

“Joining PALM Health has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The first day I visited, I began with chiropractic care, visited the salt room to relax, and ate at the café. I’ve also been doing neurofeedback and am starting with a primary care physician. I’ve never felt more confident that my physical and mental health are being taken care of. I highly recommend joining PALM.” – Member Lauren N.  |  July 2021

“PALM Health has become a source of hope for me. I have been experiencing several health challenges that found me seeking someone who could help me sort through them all. Dr. Roca was professional, intelligent, kind and caring. He welcomed my input and questions, gave me insight into my lab test results, and laid out the new plan for my health journey. I look forward to continued visits with Dr. Roca as my new primary care doctor.” – Member Linda M.  |  October 2023

a list winner

Voted #1 Medical Weight Loss Clinic, #1 for Acupuncture, and #1 for Massage in St. Louis in 2023

Services for Members

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Fitness & Nutrition


Mind-Body Resilience


Wellness Therapies


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Health & Wellness Center in St. Louis, MO - PALM Health

Services for Visitors

We welcome guests and visitors and would love for you to experience greater well-being at PALM. Some of the services and programs that you can do at PALM without a membership include:

  • Fitness, neuroplasticity, and meditation classes for mental and physical strength and agility
  • IV Therapy, including NAD+ for longevity, and targeted nutritional support for improved energy, immune boost, and athletic performance
  • Premium spa services including custom facials and personalized massages
  • Vitality Sessions such as use of the Himalayan salt room, infrared sauna and steam rooms, and cryotherapy to boost performance and recovery
  • Targeted programs for weight management and memory loss prevention and treatment

Get to your goal weight using medication and healthy habits

If you’ve struggled to lose weight, keep the pounds off, or if you don’t feel like yourself when you look in the mirror, we understand.

Our doctor-developed Medical Weight Loss Program uses medication along with lifestyle changes and ongoing support from a medical team to give you a safe, successful, and sustainable weight loss experience over the course of 6-12 months.

Plus, when you sign up for the Medical Weight Loss Program by January 31, 2024, you’ll receive two free 55-minute personal training sessions. To learn more about this program, contact a Navigator at 314-801-8898 option 0.

Health & Wellness Center in St. Louis, MO - PALM Health

Upcoming Seminars, Webinars, and Special Classes

Learn from our team of experts in integrative medicine, mental health, and wellness as they draw from the latest research to bring you valuable information for your well-being.

Join us virtually or in person for one of our special events on a wide range of topics, including sleep, detoxification, nutrition, fitness, stress, gut health, metabolism, skin care, cardiovascular health, brain performance, and allergies, as well as our specialized movement-based workshops and relaxing community art classes.


Dynamic Toning Class

July 13 · 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Art Class: Starry Night

July 20 · 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

CIMT Testing Event

July 27 · 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Trusted by a Community of Members

PALM Health was voted #1 in Preventive Health services in the 2021 Ladue News Platinum List Awards, was a finalist in Medical Weight Loss in the 2022 St. Louis Magazine A-List Reader’s Choice Awards, and was voted #1 for Medical Weight Loss, Massage, and Acupuncture in the 2023 St. Louis Magazine A-List Reader’s Choice Awards.

With over 1,900 satisfied members, since 2016 we have continued to help individuals reach well-being.

Years Experience
in Preventive Health
Satisfied Members

Certified by National Organizations

Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, trainers, coaches, and wellness specialists have decades of experience, extensive education, and multiple degrees from organizations such as the Institute for Functional Medicine, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching, and Anthropedia.

Live a more active, balanced, and fulfilled life.

Schedule an in-person tour, or chat with a Navigator about which services or programs are the best fit for you.


“My doctor has changed my life for the better in such a short period of time. He always listens to me and I have so much respect for him. I love PALM Health!”


“As a small business owner myself, I appreciated the lengths to which PALM Health and their staff went in order to provide services during the COVID-19 quarantine. The ability to see my chiropractor and to pick up meals saved my back and my sanity!”

DANI S., JULY 2020

“There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing PALM is! I wish I could take this place back to California with me! I’m simply blown away by how everyone works together to make every experience excellent from the moment you walk in the door.”


“The only thing better than the facilities at PALM are the people! From the staff at the desk to the technicians and doctors — without exception I am always made to feel at home and part of the family.”


“There are no words to convey the love and appreciation I have for this healing place. We drive four hours to be seen by the doctors and it is totally worth it! My daughter has a chronic health condition that has not been triggered since we started our PALM protocol. Life-changing for her!”


“I have been a member since 2016 and am continually impressed with PALM. The doctors take the time to listen closely, and most importantly, they follow up. They dig deep to discover the cause of the medical issue and work to cure that.”


“Finally, an approach to wellness that embraces and cares for the whole person, in a beautiful environment with a dedicated and compassionate staff. Thank you, PALM!”

SUSAN L., MAY 2018

“The PALM staff is amazing at helping you reach your goals of wellness. Being there makes you feel like home where people care and you can heal and grow with new self-awareness!”

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