Eric Lentz

Eric Lentz, CPT


Eric Lentz is a personal trainer who started his training in holistic health though the C.H.E.C.K. Institute. After receiving his CPT in 2013, he enrolled in the Institute of Etiotherapy in Montreal. Over the next three and a half years he studied under renowned French Osteopath Guy Voyer, DO, founder of the ELDOA Method. Eric graduated with a diploma in osteopathic exercise (Soma Training). Utilizing hundreds of stretches and exercises, Soma Training provides the unique ability to improve the quality of tissue, creating joint stability and strength.

Upon completion of his Soma Training studies, Eric began a four-year study through the Institute of Etiotherapy for Osteopathic Therapy. Eric learned to utilize the movement of fluid in the body via the joint capsule, ligaments, and tendons. Eric graduated with a Diploma in Soma Therapy in June of 2021. Eric is D.O. Candidate 2023 in Canada and Europe.


Myofascial Stretching, Corrective Exercise for Golf, Holistic Health, Soma Training, Soma Therapy, ELDOA


Corrective Exercise for Golf and Rotational Movements, ELDOA, SomaTraining, Myofascial Stretching

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“I think Eric is a fabulous trainer/instructor!!! He not only is extremely knowledgeable in his expertise, but he also has a keen interest in my unique needs and a marvelous ability to genuinely understand and clearly instruct. That thorough personalized care, along with his natural engaging communication, make it all worthwhile and SO beneficial! Eric owns the perfect ingredients of skilled services that target individualized needs combined with an attentive, caring attitude — the all-encompassing epitome of what PALM Health is all about! He makes physical exercises and fitness interesting and FUN!!!”

IRENE L., MAY 2023

“I am in training for a very big hike coming up in Europe. I went to see Eric to help with my shin splints, hip flexor pain, and overall body stiffness. Within the hour I was pain-free. I have seen many providers over the years at PALM and Eric is at the top. He just instinctively knows what to do and has helped me immensely as I continue to train and condition my body for my hike.”