Jason Biondo

Jason Biondo, DC, MS


Jason is a chiropractic physician who was raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Biondo received his Doctorate from Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri, as well as a Master’s Degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. He has been in clinical practice for 9 years, including 2 years in Jupiter, Florida, working with patients and athletes in MLB and the PGA. Dr. Biondo works with a variety of patients from chronic low back and pain patients to high performance professional athletes bridging the continuum from rehab to performance. He holds a specialty certification as a McGill certified provider for identifying causes and managing low back disorders, as well as certifications in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Active Release Technique therapies.


Chiropractic Care, Sports Science and Rehabilitation Training


Low Back Disorders, Low Back Pain, Sports, Spine and Extremity Rehabilitation, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Active Release Technique Therapies, Acute and Chronic Peripheral Nerve Pain Syndromes