Chiropractic Care

Virtual or at PALM

Initial Visit 75 Minutes / $195
Follow-up Visit 45 Minutes / $145
Follow-up Visit 30 Minutes / $96

Available to all membership levels. Choice Pack Service (30-Minute Follow-up Visit only).

Assist your body in restoring normal function and alleviating pain through proper alignment of the spine and musculature. Our chiropractor will perform an in-depth evaluation of your condition or symptoms and design a treatment program that integrates hands-on manipulation with acupressure, as well as nutritional, physical, and other complementary therapies.

One-on-One Chiropractic Training

with Dr. Jason Biondo

Virtual or at PALM

30 Minutes / $96
55 Minutes / $165

10-Pack of 55-Minute Sessions / $1,550

Available to all membership levels. Choice Pack Service (30-Minute Session only).

Get personalized direction and advice from our chiropractor with private one-on-one training sessions. Whether your goal is rehabilitative or performance-related, our chiropractor provides a personalized exercise prescription and training with clear instructions on proper technique and loading strategies to specifically address your injuries, weakness, and vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Spine Assessment Package

with Dr. Jason Biondo


3 Visits / $1,095

Available to all membership levels.

The Comprehensive Spine Assessment Package combines three services into a pack to get you started with integrative chiropractic care: a 120-minute Comprehensive Spine Assessment Initial Visit, a 45-minute Chiropractic Follow-up Visit, and a 55-minute One-on-One Training Session. During this assessment, our chiropractor will begin with a full body assessment evaluating motions, postures, and loads to determine how they are influencing pain triggers and stresses on the spine. This assessment is a thorough look at biomechanics, anatomy, past injuries, and functional movement patterns to help you understand your pain mechanisms and address your pain mechanisms. The follow-up visit and one-on-one training will include treatment methods including manual therapy and neuromuscular training to help develop an individualized plan catered to your specific needs in order to address your weaknesses and imbalances. The follow-up visit will focus on specific treatment, whereas the one-on-one training focuses on specific exercises as well as spine-sparing strategies to help restore a healthy, resilient spine.

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