Stress Management Consult

60 Minutes / $130

  • All Membership Levels

Stress is a part of life, but extreme amounts of stress can have health consequences and can adversely affect the immune, cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, and central nervous systems. How we perceive stress in our lives is an important component to managing it. Learn preventive and proactive approaches to reduce stress, increase your resiliency, and enlighten your life in this consult.

Stress Management Program

8-Week Intensive Program

  • All Membership Levels

The Stress Management Program is designed to help individuals work towards their mental health goal such as reducing anxiety, managing depression, decreasing fatigue, improving calmness, and more. During the program, individuals are assigned to a multidisciplinary team to support them, guide their treatment, and monitor their progress. Learn more about the key elements of the program and the providers involved on our Stress Management Program page.

Private Art for Well-Being

55 Minutes / $120

  • All Membership Levels

Discover the vibrant relationship between creative expression and well-being. In this private session, our Art for Well-Being instructor will teach you how the visual arts can be used as an expressive tool that helps you adapt to life challenges, allows you to observe your world in a productive way, and enhances the brain’s natural ability to form new connections, thus enabling you to grow in well-being. Participants will focus on contemplative and self-awareness artwork through painting, drawing, collaging, and/or printmaking.

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