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Virtual Stress Management Program

Stress affects us all, but it doesn’t have to hinder our quality of life. At PALM Health, our personalized and functional medicine approach to well-being helps you uncover the reasons why you feel the way you do.

Our team of physicians and wellness experts supports you with personalized solutions so you can feel better and stay healthier in mind, body, and spirit.

PALM Health’s nationally-recognized stress reduction program is available in virtual format. For years, program participants have benefited from this highly structured program that supports emotional well-being with an integrative approach. Through daily care coordination, our Virtual Stress Management Program team will help you in addressing your physical and emotional health, as well as encouraging a deeper sense of meaning in your life.

The Virtual Stress Management Program engages you daily with a team of experts including a psychiatrist, a functional medicine nurse practitioner, personal trainers, a well-being coach, and a licensed therapist. For a detailed outline of the weekly activities involved in each program, see our printable Packages and Programs menu. The first week of activities in each program includes the following:

  • Program Intake with Sarah Lewis (45 Minutes)
  • Stress Management Consult with Dr. Nigel Lester (60 Minutes)
  • Functional Wellness Consult with Sarah Bird, DNP (60 Minutes)
  • TCI Assessment with Julie Geeting (60 Minutes)
  • Counseling with Julie Geeting (30 Minutes) | 2 sessions per week
  • Well-Being Coaching: Goal Development with Sarah Lewis (30 Minutes)
  • Well-Being Coaching: Goal Check-In with Sarah Lewis (15 Minutes) | 6 check-ins per week
  • Cardiac Coherence with Sarah Lewis (45 Minutes)
  • Personal Training with Angela Campbell or Andrew Tucker (30 Minutes) | 3 sessions per week
  • Art for Well-Being with Maria Ojascastro (60 Minutes)
  • Recorded Meditation Class (15 Minutes) | 7 sessions per week
  • Unlimited Additional Online Classes

Connect with a PALM Navigator through the form below to learn how our Virtual Stress Management Program can benefit you.

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