Women’s Health

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Women’s Health

Hormonal imbalance can cause a variety of symptoms and diseases in women, including:

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Erratic Periods
Excessive Cramps
Fibroid Uterine Tumors
Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast
Breast Cancer

Many doctors treat these issues by prescribing synthetic hormones, sometimes in combination with anti-depressants and anti-anxiety agents. These treatments are often based solely on patient-reported symptoms without ever testing actual hormone levels at critical points of the female cycle.

At PALM Health, our approach to bringing hormones into balance includes monitoring symptoms and lab values. PALM physcians have developed a testing routine that allows us to design a custom hormone replacement plan for each patient. We generally prescribe only Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Some of the testing involves: measurement of hormones on or around ovulation and at the peak luteal phase;- measurement of bio-transformed products of estrogen used to determine proper detoxification; and measurement of Estro-Genomics, a genetic test that enables me to know where you may need help while using hormones, thus personalizing your program to match your genes!

Natural vs. Synthetic or Non-bioidentical

“Natural” replacement hormones are exact replicas of the hormones our bodies produce on their own. They are manufactured from soy or wild yams. Some examples of these natural hormones are estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone. “Synthetic” replacement hormones are similar to the hormones our bodies produce. However, the small structural differences can cause these replacement hormones to react differently in the body, often leading to unpleasant side effects.

 Some examples of non bio-identical hormones are Premarin, which is produced from pregnant mares and has very high levels of Estrones, which can predispose some women to cancer, or Provera-, known as a medroxy-progesterone, an altered progesterone with side effects such as weight gain and cancer. Ethinyl Estradiol is synthetic and is used in birth control pills as well as in menopausal formulations.

In addition to receiving only natural hormone replacement therapy, PALM Health patients enjoy the benefits of a full wellness evaluation which explores nutrition, stress, emotional and spiritual health, and physical fitness.

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