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Work out under the trained and watchful eye of a chiropractor.

Recovering from an injury and ready to get back into your workouts? Looking to pay special attention to your form and alignment? Want to optimize your performance with higher-level support beyond personal training?

Chiropractic Performance Training allows you to get a tailored fitness plan and work one on one with a trained chiropractor to get your workout in with a focus on improving alignment and preventing or managing injuries.

In these sessions, you will…

  • Work through current or past injuries or conditions that limit your training abilities
  • Exercise safely under the eye of a chiropractor trained in rehab and functional movement patterns
  • Dedicate some time to techniques for relieving joint pain or myofascial restrictions
  • Focus on proper core stabilization and joint centration in order to improve range of motion, optimize muscle efficiency, and decrease stress on the skeletal system
  • Have access to Blood Flow Restriction Therapy, if deemed necessary
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Chiropractic Performance Training

with Dr. Jake Schaake


30 Minutes / $102
55 Minutes / $175

10-Pack of 55-Minute Sessions / $1,650

Available to all membership levels. Choice Pack Service (30-Minute Session only).

Get personalized direction and advice from our chiropractor with private one-on-one training sessions. Whether your goal is rehabilitative or performance-related, our chiropractor provides a personalized exercise prescription and training with clear instructions on proper technique and loading strategies to specifically address your injuries, weakness, and vulnerabilities.


“Dr. Schaake is such an attentive trainer.”

“I did a chiropractic training session with Jake, and he is such an attentive trainer. He gave me some great strength training exercises to build muscle while also making sure I had correct form to prevent any injuries or strains. At the end of the session he did some chiropractic readjustments that felt great after a tough workout!”

– Allison G, June 2024

Meet Our Chiropractic Performance Training Expert

Jake Schaake, DC, MS
Jake Schaake, DC, MS
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