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I feel very grateful to be able to be a medical member at PALM. It truly is my happy place! Everyone from the receptionists, the café staff, my doctors, my trainers, the nurses, to those that I don’t know well are always most kind, very caring, and truly helpful. PALM is a wonderful place — peaceful and cheerful. We need more of that in our lives. I appreciate everyone!


“There are no words to convey the love and appreciation I have for this healing place. We drive four hours to be seen by the doctors and it is totally worth it! My daughter has a chronic health condition that has not been triggered since we started our PALM protocol. Life-changing for her!”


“Finally, an approach to wellness that embraces and cares for the whole person, in a beautiful environment with a dedicated and compassionate staff. Thank you, PALM!”

SUSAN L., MAY 2018

“I have been coming here since it opened. This is the best place for people like me who have a chronic illness. They are the most caring people, from the staff to the members who come here. I feel very lucky to have a place like this to help me. No telling where I would be without them!”

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