“Six months ago, I was so sick that I thought my symptoms were going to be permanent.

“I almost had to go on disability at work; I was an absolute mess. But no one could figure out why. I saw seven doctors before I came to PALM — from primary care physicians to psychiatrists — none of whom could find an answer.

“My previous conventional doctors put me on pill after pill, which didn’t help my symptoms at all, and tried diagnosing me with anxiety and depression.

“I knew, deep down, that there was something more going on. My wife and I didn’t know what to do. We were expecting a child and I was almost unable to work or carry on with regular responsibilities.

“I found out about PALM Health from a conversation with an acquaintance, who encouraged me to try seeing a doctor here.

“One of the Navigators set me up with Dr. Jamison, who ran several different tests based on the symptoms I described to him. Pretty soon, one of my tests indicated that I had an extremely high level of mycotoxins in my system, also known as black mold poisoning. The mold was colonizing in my system and was at the root of my extreme illness.

“Dr. Jamison gave me a comprehensive plan to detoxify my body from the mold. Though the treatment is a long process, I started feeling better within just a few weeks. I also took advantage of acupuncture with Dr. Trybus several times, which has given me astounding results in how I feel.

“My experience with PALM has been exceptional. Dr. Jamison has done more for me in a few months than seven conventional doctors have done in a few years. Though I still have a ways to go in my treatment, he gave me hope, and now, I’m on the path to getting my life back.”

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