“Longevity” has become something of a buzzword in the health and wellness space. So what is it?

Longevity is, by definition, a long life or existence. When we talk about longevity as it relates to health and wellness, specifically, we are referring to the length of your years when your body and mind are as healthy, fit, and high-functioning as possible.

There are several components that make up your general well-being, including stress, mood, sleep, energy, detoxification, focus, memory, and more. Keeping these areas strong and thriving will help you not only feel better on a daily basis, but also build the foundation for a long, healthy life.

At PALM Health, we have a selection of wellness therapies that specifically target those areas of your well-being, providing benefits for your stress, mood, sleep, energy, detoxification, focus, memory, and more.

cryotherapy1. Reduce Inflammation and Boost Endorphins with Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a rejuvenating cold therapy that was originally designed to treat individuals with rheumatoid arthritis and is now considered beneficial for anyone. Cryotherapy has an anti-inflammatory effect aimed to reduce inflammation everywhere in the body, soothing pain and discomfort in your skin, joints, muscles, organ systems, and more.

Because it releases endorphins, cryotherapy acts as an instant mood-booster and energizer, while also increasing your metabolism, which aids digestion and supports weight management.

For the month of July, we have been offering free cryotherapy for all members and non-members every Wednesday! Call us at 314-801-8898 to reserve a slot for the last Free Cryo Wednesday on July 26 before we fill up.

sauna2. Relax and Detox with the Steam Room and Infrared Sauna

Best used directly after a cryotherapy session, our steam room and infrared sauna provide a complementary effect. The steam room, which is infused with our custom essential oil mix, uses warmth and moisture to open your pores, stimulate your senses, relax your body, and open up your respiratory system.

The infrared sauna enhances the steam room’s effect by promoting detoxification through your already-opened pores. Infrared heat penetrates deeper into your skin than the heat in a traditional sauna would, expelling toxins from deep within, increasing circulation, relieving muscle tension, and improving cellular health.

Salt room3. Breathe and Purify in the Salt Room

Another charm for relaxation, the Himalayan salt room fills the air with ionized salt particles that can soothe inflammation in the lungs, improve respiratory conditions, purify your skin, and promote general relaxation and stress reduction.

IV Nutrition Therapy4. Combat Aging with NAD+ Infusion Therapy

NAD+ is a naturally-occurring molecule in your body that is in charge of tissue and DNA repair, energy production, and other factors that promote healthy cell function. As you age, the amount of NAD+ in your body depletes naturally, which is part of what causes signs of aging, like fatigue, memory deterioration, loss of muscle tone, and even wrinkles.

We offer a special NAD+ IV treatment that replenishes your body’s supply of NAD+. Regular NAD+ IV treatments can be very effective in counteracting the aging process over time and keeping your cells functioning to the best of their ability.

NAD+ IVs are available to both members and non-members, and through July and August, we’re running a special offer — you’ll get a free consultation with a nurse practitioner and $30 off of your first IV treatment. If you’ve already had your first NAD+ IV at PALM, you can get $100 off of a pack of three IV treatments. Contact us to get started with NAD+ anti-aging infusions.

sound focus

5. Sharpen Your Mental Game with Sound Focus

Sound Focus is a service offered at PALM Health that uses ultrasound technology with the goal to improve focus, enhance learning and memory, reduce stress, improve sleep, and promote relaxation.

Ultrasound waves are sound waves at a higher frequency beyond what you are able to hear. Those ultrasound waves bypass the auditory system and go straight to your brain, where they are designed to promote deep calm, relaxation, and clarity.

Sound Focus has two different sound sequence settings: one that is geared more towards focus, enhanced learning and memory, and mental clarity; and one that helps more with calmness, sleep, and stress. Your first Sound Focus session at PALM is free of charge for members and guests, so be sure to check it out at your next visit!

biomat6. Relieve Pain with the BioMat

Another great way to get your fix of infrared heat, the BioMat is a medical-grade heating pad that delivers far-infrared rays and negative ions to your body. The heat penetrates 3-8 inches deep, improving circulation, relieving muscle soreness and tension, and easing stiffness.

The negative ions promote serotonin and neutralize free radicals, helping with alertness, fatigue, and cell function. Plus, the BioMat is an incredibly relaxing experience.

pemf mat7. Increase Energy and Speed Up Recovery with the PEMF Mat

Similar to the BioMat, the PEMF mat is a mat you lie down on, but this one isn’t heated. The PEMF mat uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy to deliver pulses of low-level electromagnetic energy to the body. This helps to clear blockages in your body’s ion flow and encourage more efficient communication and healing between cells.

The PEMF mat can be useful for injury recovery support, alleviating fatigue, decreasing stress, sharpening mental clarity and focus, and overall anti-aging. 

cupping8. Revitalize Your Muscle Tissue and Relieve Pain with Massage Cupping

Massages are fantastic for stress relief and pain relief, but you can also take your massage to the next level with cupping. Cupping is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years to revitalize the tissues in the body.

The suction cups are placed at strategic points along your back during a massage and they create a localized negative pressure that stimulates blood flow to the area, reduces trigger points, lifts and separates tissues and fascia, and softens fibrotic, hardened tissue and scar tissue.

The result? Less pain and tension, improved circulation, detoxification, and greater mobility. All of these benefits — especially when worked towards consistently — have a hand in improving your physical longevity and quality of movement.

Contact us to add cupping to your massages.

Between stress, energy, mood, brain function, and more, all eight of these services — when used consistently over time — can really make a difference in your day-to-day well-being and your longevity.

If you are relatively young and healthy, it may seem like thinking about your longevity isn’t a priority. On the contrary, longevity is cultivated throughout your life, and starting when you’re younger and healthier is worth your time and energy to help mitigate future health issues. This is what we call preventive lifestyle medicine.

That being said, it’s never too late to start working on your longevity. Regardless of your age, consistent and frequent use of our Vitality Sessions and wellness therapies can help you start working towards greater well-being, which will only benefit your health in the long run.

If you are already a Total, Intensive, Executive, or Lifestyle member at PALM, great news! Some of the services mentioned above are included in your membership, so you can start working towards greater well-being and longevity right away.

Not a member? Connect with a Navigator to see which services are available to you or learn more about our different membership options.


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