natalie bell

Natalie Bell


A St. Louis native, Natalie graduated from the University of Arkansas with her Bachelor’s degree and spent time in the UK, Washington D.C., and Atlanta before making her way back to her home city to continue her career and further her interest in health and wellness at PALM Health.

Having experienced chronic illness and finding healing herself at PALM Health as a former member, Natalie is intimately familiar with the importance of whole-person, functional care and personalized support throughout one’s health journey.

Natalie brings her personal experience into her awareness in her role as a Navigator on a daily basis, striving to empower clients on their path to greater well-being and provide compassionate, dedicated support as a liaison and communicator. Her primary roles include ensuring standards of service excellence for our members and managing client engagement.

In her spare time, Natalie prioritizes spending time with her family and friends, staying active in recreational sports leagues, and exploring new healthy foods with cooking and baking.


Health and Wellness, Travel, Family, Sports


Member Service Excellence, Client Engagement, Health Journey Navigation