Maldives Pearl Necklace


The gold-plated Maldives Pearl Necklace from Lotus Jewelry has a chunky, trendy 20” chain and huge pearl centerpiece that make it the perfect statement piece. It is adjustable and can be hooked at any length.

About Lotus Jewelry
Erik and Courtney Legenhausen opened Lotus Jewelry Studio in 2007. Their vision was to create a line of handmade products that would reflect the latest trends while upholding the quality that was fostered by their background as fine jewelers. They also had a dream of providing an avenue for other artists to come and earn a living under Lotus’ roof. Over the past 13 years, they turned their basement business into a thriving company that provides their unique pieces to thousands of retailers, both large and small, across the globe. Their wholesale division continues to thrive and expand in new and exciting markets, meeting the needs of cost-conscious buyers wanting extraordinary fashion accessories.

Today, the company continues to expand and is fueled by the many artists that construct each of their pieces by hand in their Sparks, Maryland, based facility. Using ethically sourced stones and materials, the Lotus line is bursting with beautiful color pairings, high-quality fabrication, and stunning designs that have become that hallmark of LJS. They believe in making their high-quality pieces affordable so they can be accessible to all.


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