oo’mämē Chile Crisp


These artisanal, all-natural chile crisps from oo’mämē are the perfect condiment or hot sauce alternative to pair with your favorite dishes. Handmade in small batches, these chile crisps are keto-friendly, gluten-free, vegan, low-sodium, and made with globally-inspired ingredients. Choose between four flavors: Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and Moroccan.

Chinese Chile Crisp
tingly mala peppercorns with sweet chewy ginger & crunchy peanuts
This Passport for your Pantry will take you on a culinary journey to Chengdu, China. The oo’mämē Chinese Chile Crisp brings layers of spicy Szechuan flavors with tingly Mala peppercorns, savory fermented black beans, fragrant garlic and shallots, and crunchy nuts and seeds. Kung Pao comes to you with restaurant quality meal options by the spoonful.

Mexican Chile Crisp
smoky chipotles with sweet chewy mango & crunchy pepitas
Smoky chipotles, along with three other Mexican chiles, bring the heat, while fragrant orange zest, joins the sweet fruit and crunchy seeds of oo’mämē Mexican Chile Crisp. We deliver the indigenous aromas and flavors of Mexican cuisine and concentrate their essence into a single source. It’s Oaxaca’s colorful, aromatic market captured in just one jar. No passport required.

Indian Chile Crisp
golden turmeric & zesty chiles with sweet papaya & toasted coconut
oo’mämē Indian Chile Crisp celebrates the “land of spices” in Kerala, India. We have created our own garam masala, redolent of the indigenous spices from the southern Malabar coast. Layers of umami, roasted peanuts, grated coconut and sweet papaya married with these pungent spices and chiles transform basic into brilliant with the addition of just one spoonful.

Moroccan Chile Crisp
warm spices & piquant chiles with jammy figs & crunchy almonds
Journey to the ancient medina in Fez, the culinary capital of Morocco. We combine our own selective spice blend in the style of Ras el Hanout, the best a spice trader has on hand, adding umami and marrying it with jammy figs, fragrant orange peel, sweet ginger, and crunchy roasted almonds. Lastly, we infuse this exotic blend into a high-oleic sunflower oil. The result is transporting and an aromatic, robust condiment that will make mealtime magical.


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