Stress Management Program

At PALM Health, we diagnose and treat the whole person — body, spirit, and thought — in the context of their environment. The core of our program is high accessibility to personalized support from a team of experts in medicine and wellness.

The result is meaningful relationships with your team, so you have support for whatever challenges you’re facing.


Personalized Support from Our Team of Experts

For years, program participants have benefited from PALM Health’s nationally-recognized Stress Management Program, a highly structured, four-week program that supports emotional well-being with an integrative approach.

Through daily care coordination, our Stress Management Program team will help you address your physical and emotional health, as well as encourage a deeper sense of meaning in your life.

Each day of the program, you will engage with a team of experts including a psychiatrist, a functional medicine nurse practitioner, personal trainers, a well-being coach, and a licensed therapist.

For a detailed outline of the weekly activities involved in the program, contact a Navigator.


Connect with Us
Connect with a PALM Navigator through the form below or call 314-801-8898 option 4 to learn how our Stress Management Program can benefit you.

What Participants Are Saying

“Physical health was mainly my reason for coming to PALM. Little did I know, the integrative approach to healing would also make a world of difference in my mental health.

I have struggled since I was a child with anxiety and short periods of depression. Life events and the pandemic came this year, and I knew I was spiraling down a dark path that I have experienced before. I needed help navigating this storm. Dr. Rathod and my navigator, Jessica Dycus, recommended that I explore the idea of participating in the virtual Stress Management Program. I was hesitant at first, wondering if a virtual program was right for me. After discussion with a team of professionals at PALM, a talk with my husband, and many prayers, I knew I needed this program now more than ever.

Honestly, I contemplated how an intensive four-week program would impact my health in such a short period of time. The coordination of care between the professional team is top-notch. Never in my life have I had a group of practitioners working together for the benefit of my mind, body, and soul. This is unheard of in conventional medicine. I came away with life-changing wellness tools from every facet of the program. The introduction to the Know Yourself Workshop really resonated with me, and I am ecstatic to continue with Well-Being Coaching. Plan on coming into the program and digging down deep. Dedicate as much time and energy as you can allow.

Life circumstances directed me toward PALM and I continue to reap the benefits of this integrative approach to healing the mind, body, and soul. I came out of this program with a new outlook on life. My journey is just beginning. I will continue to work with the professionals at PALM. Happiness is within my reach!”


The activities in the program include:

  • Program Intake with Sarah Lewis (45 Minutes)
  • Program Coordination Check-In (30 Minutes) | 2 visits weeks 2 and 4
  • Mental Health Consult with Dr. Nigel Lester (60-75 Minutes) | 2 visits weeks 1 and 3
  • Functional Wellness Consult with Sarah Bird, DNP (60 Minutes)
  • Functional Wellness Consult Follow-up Visits with Sarah Bird, DNP (30 Minutes)
  • TCI Assessment with Julie Geeting (60 Minutes)
  • Counseling with Julie Geeting (55 Minutes) | 1 session per week
  • Well-Being Coaching with Sarah Lewis (85 Minutes) | 1 session per week
  • Cardiac Coherence with a Well-Being Coach (60 Minutes)
  • Personal Training with a Personal Trainer (60 Minutes) | 2 sessions per week
  • Art for Well-Being with Maria Ojascastro (60 Minutes) | 1 session per week
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