You Are What You Eat and Other Secrets to a Long Life

The old adage, “You are what you eat,” traces back to a 19th-century French gastronomist. Unfortunately, in the nearly 200 intervening years, many of us seem to have lost touch with this common-sense advice, as poor eating and stress-related habits have resulted in high levels of obesity, cancer, heart disease, and other health problems. We spend millions each year to treat our symptoms with pharmaceuticals and medical procedures, yet what we should be doing is focusing on the underlying causes of chronic illnesses. It is this more comprehensive pursuit that can lead to a healthier and significantly more sustainable life of quality and wellness.

A Better Way

Living longer and aging gracefully is a worthwhile and achievable goal. At PALM Health, our emphasis on functional medicine and our highly personalized approach to your wellness can help you in your meaningful pursuit.

Functional medicine is a comprehensive, patient-centered approach that focuses on diagnosing and treating the root causes of illness. This means that, using the best science available, we take the time to go behind the symptoms to better understand the sources leading to your ill-health.

By examining all aspects of your health history, your habits and behaviors, and environmental, stress, and lifestyle factors, we can help modulate aging and inflammatory pathways. This information is critical as we begin to identify the lifestyle changes that will work for your unique needs and that will help you achieve your goals for health and happiness. Together, we can work to prevent and reverse the progression of age-associated chronic illnesses and to promote your long-term health.

Working Together for a Healthier You

At PALM Health, our experienced medical staff and lifestyle coaches work with you to create and maintain a customized program that combines conventional medicine, nutrition, exercise, alternative therapies, wellness techniques, and spa services. Together, we can help you achieve life-changing results by implementing a healthcare and wellness plan just for you. Functional medicine can work for anyone, as so many of our patients have already discovered. You too can change your future for the better. Let us help you restore balance in your life, return your body to its optimal functioning, and eliminate the root causes of chronic and debilitating illnesses.