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Ready to reset, work on your longevity, or lose weight? We invite you to participate in our ProLon® Challenge, a group wellness tournament to help boost metabolism and improve cellular health. To help monitor your level of fast and fat-burning, we have added the Biosense™ Breath Ketone Monitor to your kit. This tool will help you stay true to your fast and understand what is happening in your body as you move into ketosis and autophagy. Being in periods of ketosis helps protect the brain, improves cardiometabolic markers such as cholesterol and glucose resistance, and promotes longevity. The challenge includes:

  • a 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet meal kit ($250 value),
  • a Biosense™ Breath Ketone Monitor ($299 value),
  • email encouragement throughout the week for motivation and accountability,
  • the chance to win a 75-minute Lymphatic Restorative Massage ($160 value).

We encourage you to complete an optional Body Composition Analysis before and after the challenge to measure your results, for an additional $20 each.

Questions? Watch a short Q&A Session with Dr. Sita Kedia, dietitian Katheryn Scauzzo, Jim Howard from Readout Health, and former ProLon® participant Anne Sommers to learn more about the fast and the breath ketone monitor.

$475 with ketone monitor and $225 without ketone monitor. Please sign up by Friday, November 6. Contact our Supplement Specialist at 314-801-8898 option 1 then 6 for more information, or fill out the Consent and Waiver Form to sign up.