Alinda Muszynski

Alinda Muszynski, CWC, CPT


Alinda brings an integrative approach to personal well-being in her work as a well-being coach and body awakening instructor. As both an educator and well-being coach, Alinda has experience with people of all ages and diverse socio-economic backgrounds. With a background in both psychology and mathematics, she provides her clients with a unique qualitative and quantitative methodology, providing them with concrete tools and techniques to actualize their potential and substantively chart their progress. In addition to her academic background, Alinda has studied dance and movement at the Ballet Russe School under Inesse Alexandrov and at the Studio Actuels de la Danse in Valauris, France.


Personality Assessments, Well-Being Coaching, Meditation


Psychological Health and Well-Being, Mind-Body Relationship, Sensitivity and Awareness of the Body, Building Resilience to Stress, Facilitating Lifestyle Transformation