Andrew Tucker

Andrew Tucker, CES, PES, NASM, CPT

Andrew’s purpose and passion as a Certified Fitness Specialist is to improve the wellness and functional performance for clients of all levels who are dedicated to advancing their fitness levels. He has certifications through NASM, TRX, and CrossFit Kettlebell and he uses these to apply to each individual client’s goals. Andrew’s fitness interests include golf fitness training, youth fitness training, MMA conditioning, strength training, CrossFit, kettlebell training, and TRX suspension training. He is a lifelong athlete with more than twenty years’ experience who truly understands the scientific rationale for integrated strength training and all elements of wellness. Andrew believes fitness should be safe and challenging, but not overwhelming; intense, yet fun.

Personal Training, Strength Training, CrossFit, Kettlebell


Golf Fitness Training, Youth Fitness Training, Strength Training, CrossFit, Kettlebell Training