catey mckean

Catey McKean, NASM, PHCI, CPT


Catey McKean is a certified personal trainer (NASM) and group fitness instructor with over eighteen years of teaching experience. She is a certified Master Primal Health Coach (PHCI) and an Integrative and Functional Nutrition (IFNA) student. Her training emphasizes the importance of proper movement patterns and heart rate zones for injury prevention and cardiovascular benefit. Catey’s passion is to inspire people to take a holistic approach around their daily habits on nutrition, sleep, stress, and movement in order to achieve optimal wellness. Catey is a lifelong athlete whose mission now is to empower people to create health in their own lives. Catey’s fitness interests include strength training, Crossfit, TRX suspension training, running, and yoga. She hopes to inspire people to be open-minded and enthusiastic about leading a confident and active lifestyle at any age.


Personal Training, Strength Training, Running, Yoga, Injury Prevention


Strength Training, Hot Yoga, Nutrition, CrossFit, Ancestral Health, TRX Suspension Training

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