Virtual Precision Nutrition Program

Feel like you’re always bloated? Can’t seem to shed those extra pounds no matter how much you work out at the gym? Visiting the bathroom too much or too little? If you’re nodding your head, your gut health and diet could be to blame.

Chronic health concerns such as headaches, bloating, digestive distress, gas, fatigue, sleep issues, rashes, and weight gain commonly find their root cause in nutrition. Or, if you’re simply looking for ways to optimize your health, looking at your nutrition is often the best place to start.

We’ve created the Precision Nutrition Program to get to the heart of your symptoms and determine what may be causing your discomfort.

The Precision Nutrition Program offers a complete nutritional workup that includes comprehensive specialty lab testing, nutrition expertise from our functional nutrition provider Sarah Bird, DNP, and personalized recommendations based on your individual wellness goals and nutrition lab results. The program includes:

  • Initial Assessment: An in-depth one-on-one visit with Sarah Bird, DNP, in which she listens to your nutrition history and understands your wellness goals
  • Advanced Specialty Lab Testing: Five specialty labs that assess food sensitivities to 180 foods; measure intracellular and extracellular levels of key micronutrients including vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids; take a comprehensive analysis of the microbiome, and assess imbalances that may indicate leaky gut or a sensitivity to wheat or gluten
  • Program Plan Visit: A second visit with Sarah, in which she reviews your labs and explains your individualized nutrition recommendations
  • Follow-up Visit: A final visit with Sarah to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and make adjustments as needed
  • Summary Booklet: A personalized report that includes a summary of your lab results, nutrition and gut health assessment, and recommendations

Sound interesting? Learn more or sign up for the program by contacting PALM Navigator Kim Cella at or 314-801-8898 option 4.

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